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Wonder Red-Mark Foundation

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Product: Rimmel Cool Matte Mousse 16hr Foundation

dont judge me because im a guy (straight btw) i just get as annoyed with redmarks as i do with acne its self

so i was being dragged along to a shopping trip with some girls (again im not gay) when one of them picked up this foundation and told me that its great for hiding her scar she had on her face from an accident.

so she bought it and when she get home, she applied it.

to be hionest i was like "gonna rip u off, and not cover anything"

but when she opend ip i saw it was mousse like, like hair mousse and felt like nothing(so light), and when she put it on it hid her scar.

i was amazed, and she joked "u want some?" obviously i wanted to try but didnt want to say "yeah", i said "no" but she jumped at me and wiped some on my face

since it was on my face, i began smearing it in and OMG the mousse covers red marks like nothing ever b4, also it doenst look obvious and it non greasy/oily/heavy

so i bought some :lol: (again dont judge me)

and it hid my marks

heres the link to boots (uk store) http://www.boots.com/brandtreatment/produc...ationid=1043003

have fun

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Rimmel is a pretty average drug store brand... I used one of their lip glosses once and it was crap! I think drugstore foundations usually cause breakouts. Mineral makeup is good at covering scars and looks way more natural. Maybe because you're a guy and never wore foundation, that's why you think this one is so great ... ? I mean most foundation will cover scars.

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yeah non comedogenic/non oily/absorbs oil and covers like nothing before, thing is, theres a few of the same rimmel products (each have different shade) so ud need to find one thats ur skin colour (i use the 201, as its a kinda universal colour for peach skins)

ill post before and after application tomorrow since iim going for a meal soon, but im not kidding this stuff works.

my excuse (if anyone does notice the makeup) will be "tinted spot cream" LOL

EDIT: sorry for late updates, i aint been online much due to revising for exams

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will do tomorrow (or today since is 00:10 UK time) ill do the pics after i wash my face and leave to dry so water redness goes down, so like 10 mins after wash ill take a pic (this will the the before), then ill apply foundation which will be the after.

for any sceptics, no photoshop/picture altering program will be used


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Do they sell this in the US?

Lol I was in London and Paris a few days ago and I saw the store Boots like every other block!! Ahhhh, I miss London&Paris!

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sorry for the late reply, exams and all

i tried taking some pictures a few days ago and cause of my camera on my fone (sony ericsson k800i xenon flash) it picks up every imperfection

so its kinda hard to see the differance on pics

but i recently went to my doc about a non acne related thing and he commented on how good my skin looks (i had the foundation on at the time)

ill try and take some more pics w/out the flash and in normal light (like by window) and ill post

im aint lying about this, it actuall does work

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