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Guest max_powers585
Yeah I speak fluent french too and you do miss quite a bit of stuff if your uni-lingual, but montreal seems to be becoming a more english city (IMO), the immigrants usually choose to persue in english (I don't live in Montreal, but I do know most of the immigrants at my school are heading into english programs next year and thats the impression I get whenever I go to MTL)
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well we all got our different problems, im sorry that bread is so inconvenient for your appearence, i find it a staple of some of my meals. w/e GL

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I've been avoiding bread, pasta, etc. for the past 9 months because the high glycemic index aggravates my acne. I've also found this to be true for rice, potatoes, and even fruit. Sticking to a mostly vegetable, nut and seed diet for the past week has helped my acne calm down a lot.

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I think everyone is different

but for me... i can honestly say, when i started with a bagel in the morning everyday, my acne got 10x worst in a month.

even for the past few years, I started with a toast and ceral ( white, brown) my skin would get worst and I'd have to see the docter..

so i'm trying to stay away from pasta, noodles and bread

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