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Lily Lolo - A Sort of review MMU

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Ok I have received my samples today as as their kabuki was out of stock I got a BE one from ebay as I was desperate to try them with a kabuki. I was an avid colorstay user and slated MMU at any opportunity after a friend made me look pretty awful with some Jane Iredale MMU BUT I was willing to give it another try and I will always admit when I am wrong!I just felt liquid was causing blackheads/whiteheads.

The Website

Professional, stylish-ok I know looks aren't everything but it's quite cute.

Lets you pay by card or paypal, so nice to just have to remember your paypal password!


Cost £1.00, lovely and cheap!Came in a Jiffy bag. I ordered on sat and they were here tues, very speedy I would say!


I ordered 2 foundation samples and 2 finishing powder samples and 1 under eye concealing powder sample

The samples all came in small pots...except the eye powder came in a baggy. They have ingrediants stickers on and are just mini versions (nearly)of the larger pots

Cost - 99p per sample 49p for the eye sample. I love how MMU you can try samples it's such a good thing!


Well bein a MMU newbie I have been told they don't have a great selection of colours, I'm pale but never the first shade of a foundation line....in colorstay I'm actually third in. So I chose Blondie and In the Buff.

Blondie - A nice neutral (and does seem pretty neutral....not pinky or yellow) fair shade and the color that matched me best

In the Buff - Neutral but slightly fair/tan, this would be my summer months make up....I don't exactly get a tan but there is usually a slight color change

The finishing powders....

I tried one on each cheek to compare and the matte is much better for me than the translucent silk. Only need a very small amount of both on a large face brush (can always add more after) because both are white and could make you look ashy. I would say the silk would suit someone with better skin than my own or for nighttimes. For day the matte seemed to just tone down my foundation slightly and set it just right.

Eye powder - havn't got to grips with this yet...will need some tools to apply as I don't have any brushes

Coverage - Being a newbie I can't compare but it covered up my red marks adequately BUT i do not have severe red marks...they are a pink and more mottled discolouration than actual pimple looking marks. I don't know if the coverage would be good enough for some of you out there but I'm no expert.

Feel - Lovely and light...I'm a MMU convert!

Ease of Use - MMU isn't that hard really...my first attempt I could have gone out like it but definatly need to practice a bit more, went a bit too heavy but I urge people not to be put off, it isn't that messy or awkward and didn't take that long.

Ummm I can't think of much else to say. I wanted a MMU based in the UK so I could get my samples quickly and get down to trying them out. I have Lily Lolo to be pretty good but then I have nothing to compare it to other than my old liquid make ups and we all know they will outshine most of them. I feel if you are in the UK and a newbie to MMU then Lily Lolo offers an affordable way to try and hopefully love minerals.

PORES - Oh yea.....well they didn't look any larger than with liquid!I can't wait to try a primer underneath and see how good it looks. I also applied a tiny bit of wet minerals to the sides of mose and some pores virtually disappeared!

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Mineral makeup really ISN'T so difficult to apply.

Glad it's working out for you :3

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Yes, I use Lilylolo in 'blonde' shade. It's quite a fine powder and the coverage isn't that great compared to others like Melange. However, it does look very natural looking.

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