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Gel or Cream?

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I'm using a topical retinoid cream (in addition to oral minocycline) to treat my acne. Over half done the cream, and seeing some results (I have been on oral antibiotics for much longer than I've been using the cream, and only noticed minor results with them).

The retinoid comes in two forms: gel and cream. Most of the time I hear about people using gel, and very infrequently do I hear about people using the cream. Is there any difference between the gel and cream, or is it simply a matter of personal preference? (My cream contains moisturizer and an SPF-15 sunscreen--are gels similar?)

Incidentally, I'm using 0.01% concentration in the cream right now, which seems to be one of the lowest available. Does anyone know if increasing the concentration will help (when I am already seeing some results with 0.01), or will it just dry things out even more for me?


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Gel is stronger than cream, and also more irritating. If you wear makeup, it's virtually impossible to apply it over the gel, so I'd go with cream.

As for the strength you use, it is best to use the lowest strength you can get away with and still see results. Therefore, you can up the strength if needed. It's also a good idea to start out with a lower strength and work your way up to a stronger one, thus allowing your skin to get used to the product without causing excessive irritation.

This is what I have learned from my own experience, as well as my doctor's comments to me.

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