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mary prankster

vision changes on diane-35

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This question is for girls taking diane-35 for cystic acne and who are nearsighted. Have any of you noticed any changes in your vision (e.g. having to get stronger eye glasses or contacts) after taking diane-35 for a while?

When I was taking diane-35 (from june 2003 to july 2005) my vision was changing like crazy. I had to go to the optometrist every 6-8 months to get stronger lenses because my eyes were hurting so bad. When I went off diane-35 my vision seemed to stabilize a bit or wasn't changing as rapidly. But now I'm taking it again and I'm afraid of what it might do to my vision.

I asked my optometrist about this and he said that he didn't think the change in my vision was due to diane-35. I'm not so sure though and want to be on the safe side. Do any of you know of any other anti-androgenic birth control pills that may be milder than diane-35? My sisters take Allese and are nearsighted like me and haven't had much change in their vision (one is 25, the other is 21. i'm 23). Is this a good alternative do you think?

Thanks for your help!

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Diane 35 is the only one that contains cyprotone (sp?), which is the anti-androgenic component of the pill. My friend was prescribed Yasmin and she has PCOS, which needs to be suppressed by an anti-androgenic pill. Therefore I think Yasmin is a pretty good option.

Also, you can consider taking spiro in place of the cyprotone if you dont want to go the birth control route.

I am on Diane-35 and havent noticed anything that you describe, although my vision sucks anyway.

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