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Blood test for tane

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I don't mind needles or bleeding, but theres something about tourniquets that bother me. I wish they just used a syringe instead of the flow tube thing.

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I'm probably a good help in this case.

The first time I took a blood test I didn't watch or anything. They couldn't find the vein which wasn't great, but the real hit came when they took the blood out. I was sat down and suddenly everything began to spin. I closed my eyes and woke up 30 seconds later feelin very hot and sweating a lot!

So when I had to take a blood test for accutane I did lots of research into how to manage it. I watched a few videos on video.google.com just to get used to it & read lots of info on it.

My preparation was to drink LOTS of water the night before. The feinting occurred because you lose blood quite quickly, and being sat down (brain at the highest point), the sudden loss of blood "shut down my systems". So essentially, I needed to make sure that I had enough blood in my body that the amount they took out would have no effect. I also had to ensure that my head/brain wasn't the highest point of my body and so it wouldn't feel the effects of the sudden blood loss.

So, basically, I drank about 6-7 pints of water the day before. At the blood test itself I asked to lie down whilst he takes the blood test as I had feinted previously. I lay back (This puts my head/brain on the same level as the rest of my body) and closed my eyes to relax. He put the needle in (Which is really just a pin prick thats not painful), but no blood came out (doh!). He told me and tried again.. I felt the pin prick again and waiting for the rush on my head... "Thats it done" he said. I didn't feel a thing!

So if you're worried about it, just drink lots of water the day before and then ask to lie down. It becomes a really painless experience and nothing to worry about.

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after they put the needle in you, how long does it take for it to be over?

i have a very, very bad needle/blood/vein/wrist type of phobia. i black out if i even think about it too long. i have an appt. to get my blood drawn on the 14th, and i haven't had blood drawn, or shots or anything in 7-8 years. i'm not looking forward to it. :(

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