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whats the best spot treat?

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well im basically done with picking!!! been doing it for 4 years and have multiple scars from it.

but since i been pretty much clear i decided to leave my face aLONe

but once in a while ill get a cyst or pimple.

whats the best thing to put on it?

some products i have.

1. BP

2. Aloe vera

3. ACV

4. a couple face masks exp. Mint Julep

5. Neosporin

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i really like the proactiv pore refining mask as a spot/overnight treatment. it's a sulfur-based treatment and i find it works better than BP spot treatments, but it's far less irritating. the other proactiv products were a disappointment for me, but i still use the sulfur stuff for zit emergencies.

also, see my post about using aspirin on your face. i haven't tried it as a spot treatment (i use it as a mask), but i hear it's great for spot treating as well.

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I recommend this new product.

Its called Wet and Wild Spot Treatment.

Dont be fooled by the name.

This is a great lotion for getting rid of acne and redmarks.

It uses top of the line incredients.

It uses 2% Salicylic Acid, Green Tea, Aloe, Nobilis Flower, Tee Tree Leaf Oil,

Cucumber, Algae Extract, Licorice Root and Witch hazel.

They sell this in Walgreens and Rite Aid.

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This may be too extreme for some people, but I used a bit of 100% tea tree oil, the best thing I've used on a spot.

Oh, I'm also a fan of the proactiv mask, and I hate to admit it, but I have considered buying the proactiv set again even though I know it won't work. :doubt:

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I used to use the Murad Spot Treatment (sulfur based), but now I use the Joesoef Skin Care Spot Cream (also sulfur based) because it is much cheaper. It came in the Joesoef Anti-Acne kit that i bought. Now that my acne has cleared from the Joesoef Acne kit, I use the spot treatment, and sometimes their Acne Lotion as well to spot treat at night. Great stuff, and it is a vanishing formula, unlike the proactive mask (which I also used to use). I definitely suggest you check it out!

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