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THE SUN, good or bad!?

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my buddy necro said i should go in the sun for a small amount of time and work my way to longer periods. i wont be baking in it, just walking around and i'll also have a 15 spf sunscreen.

my red marks are a few years old... so i think i'll give this a try. what do you think? as long as i dont get sun burned, i should be ok?

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sun is good as long as you use SPF effectively, if you dont use spf 1) you could get cancer 2) sun damage will make your marks worse,

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sun bathing or tanning or fake tanning is all bad for ur skin especially ur marks. they will get worse and it wont even be a temporary solution. you will end up being tan with redmarks that are more red. being outside is good cause of the fresh air and stuff.

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Guest ~Wolfy~

Sunlight has a reputation for setting redmarks in. A tan does hide red marks, but a tan also makes acne worse in the long run.

Basically UV damages skin. Redmarks are where the skin is remodelling and UV damaged skin very probably remodels more slowly. Redmarks very typically resolve eventually.

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Guest concerto

I don't think the sun is bad for your skin as long as you don't stay out too long or get burnt.

I think you need the vitamin D from the sun. Taking vitamin D supplements is not the same as getting it from the sun. Your body will likely just flush out 90% of the vitamins you take.

I stayed out in the sun last summer with my red marks, but they are not any worse. They are fading on their own. Plus, I know plenty of others in this forum who never go out without sunscreen or stay out in the sun and still have red marks worse than mine.

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Lemme just add....when I had faint zits around my mouth area and chin, I decided to lay outside a lot w/out any sunscreen or just a bit at that. And yes, it does temporary hide them, but then I did get deeeep hyperpigmentation when the summer was over. In the winter I looked like shit...so now I have to work extra hard to get this shit off. So, dont be stupid and go get a tan or what not...ppl will most likely see through it in a matter of weeks/months.

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I love being tan because it really does hide the red marks. However, i've read numerous sites that claim tanning leads to hyperpigmentation causing the red marks to fade slower.

I've found that Neutrogena's Self-tanner for face is efficient in hiding the marks and leaving behind a natural glow (not too orange). It's oil free and noncomedeongenic.

<3 k

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