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All this popping buisness

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Straight from my derms mouth. He said popping a pimple is ok let me say that again popping a pimple is ok as long as its done right. One he said make sure the pimple comes to a head and make sure the head of the pimple is of good size not just a little white dot on top. If the head of the pimple is pretty good size. Then get a needle or a sewing needle put a match under it. The once sterlize put plastic gloves on. And then take the needle and slightly prick the head shouldnt take much. If nothing is flowing out of the head of the pimple then wipe carefully with a soapy cloth or alcholo and leave alone and wait another day until the head of the pimple comes more to a head. If you do notice however juice is comeing out after pricking it then do this. Take a piece of toilet paper and use the toliet paper to squeeze the pimple with your fingers this will give the juice a place to go. This prevents spreading of the stuff over your face. Once you start seeing a clear white liquid then stop squeezing.. Wipe the area quickly with alcholo and then get a glob of hydrocortizone and put it on the pimple you just pop and around the area of the pimple. This will stop inflammation from carrying over to other places. The hydrocortizone will start to shrink the pimple done after about 45 minutes. When 45 minutes is up wipe the hydrocortizone off with toliet paper. And then keep track of the area for atleast a day to make sure your not having reforms of the pimple. If the pimple is starting to try to reform then immeditley ice it down(dont over ice) or you can put hydrocortizone on it to prevent it from becoming a cyst or a larger pimple. As a add on ( when draining the pimple dont push downward always push in a upward motion.) He said normally if done right your pimple that you pop shouldnt spread. But if for some reason you notice that spreading is occuring you might need to be on bactrim or and antibiotic for a little while to get things under control so that you can go on some kind of regimen to take care of the problem either this regimen or something else.

Well their you have it thats what my derm said. And he studys acne allot and does allot of research on it. Because allot of teenagers go to him. He said popping it the wrong way will cause spreading especially if a head hasen't formed. Also dont over squeeze he said when draining alway light squeeze the area.

I hope this clears some stuff up about popping pimples. He said that not popping a pimple can lead to scarring or can cause a build up of bacteria under your skin over a long period of time. He said if you dont pop it when its time and you just leave it allot of times the pimple will grow larger and cause more potential for scarring. The skin itself can tolerate short burst of inflammation but it cant tollerate long term expsoure to inflammation. So by leaving it their and not popping it when it comes time to pop it can lead to worst problems.

Also allot of derms he said will not say to pop it because they dont want people to perform surgery on their on face. And it protects the person themselves from harming themselves in some way or fashion.

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I think most everyone agrees with you and your derm. If you notice on the first page of this website, Dan explains how to pop a pimple pretty much the same way you just did. I think where people get in trouble is when they try to pop it before it is ready and continue to mess with it, resulting in a total mess. But I appreciate the length of your explanation and I hope it will help people distinguish the difference between random popping and one that is ready to pop. I know we have some pickers biggrin.gif

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