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Army healthcare question

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I have two cousins that are in the military. One of my cousins anonymous is in the navy seals, and the other in the marines. I jus asked them, they both had different answers. But one of my cousins said that unless the scar came from training/war/or what ever they wont cover it. My other cousin said that, it depends how many years you've been in the army for them to cover things like that. But might as well call, and see.

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If you try hard enough, yes. The army medical system allows you one cosmetic surgery. I have seen women get boob jobs with this, so I'm sure you can get at least one set of laser treatments or something.

Are you already in the army now, or are you thinking of joining and then trying to get it done? If you are thinking of joining and then trying to get them to pay for the acne treatment then dont, the army has a NOTORIOUSLY bad medical system. You have to go through a LOT of bullshit just to see any kind of specialist, such as a derm. I went in for acne a while ago and saw a regular doc and he threw a bottle of doxycyclene and some creme at me and didnt even tell me what they were.

If you are already in the army then I would suggest you try and circumvent the whole TMC "sick call" method because they will give you the runaround and you will have to go through a lot of bullshit to see a dermatologist. Call Tricare and see if you can just go to a regular doc (probably not) or call your nearest army hospital and try to deal directly with them. Keep in mind your unit will probably be pissed because it will put you on some kind of inside work only profile for a while and they will think it's stupid.

Haha oh yeah and dont get deployed to iraq cuz this place sucks for acne. You will be dirty all the time and out in the beating sun all day, not to mention wearing your K-pot which will rub against your acne. And the PX's here dont sell ANY acne or facewash products so if you do deploy arrange with someone to send you stuff.

I am right now trying to find out if the army will let you get accutane (when i get back of course) i'll let ya know.

I'm not sure how it works for dependants but I doubt that they are eligible for it unless it is REAL bad scarring.

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Haha now I see your profile, did you just get in?

Getting scar treatment will be especially difficult for you, a brand new PV2, depending on the "atmosphere" at your first duty station. Your bosses will probably give you a lot of shit if you start trying to get major medical stuff done immediately when you get to the unit, especially since this will probably require multiple visits to the doctor and a big profile (aka you will miss a lot of work), because some people do this to try and get out of work (aka malingering). Don't let them fuck with you though, if you want the scar treatment it's your right and you should get it (i sure as hell am as soon as i get back).

When you ask your NCO or whoever is in charge of you they will probably tell you to go to the TMC and talk to the doc. Dont let guys at the TMC give you the runaround (which they will try to do especially cause your new). Go back several times if you have to. Seriously though it will all depend on the atmosphere of the unit you are with and how well they take care of their soldiers. Some units will be like 'yeah go for it' and try and help you get it, and other units will do everything they can to stop from missing 5 minutes of work (like mine).

Another word of advice is if you still have acne, take care of your face while you are in the feild. wash whenever you can and definately put on sunscreen. dont let your k pot rub against your acne (these new ACH ones arent bad but the old ones were fucken horrible).

btw whats ur mos and who are you with?

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