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I'm sure people are tired of hearing me bitch about skintactix products, but my skin won't get better. Period.

I tried the DKR... 9 weeks, where am I at? Fucking no where. Oh, be more fucking gentle, follow the regimen more fucking closely; yeah, okay, go tell a fucking train to ride closer to the rails. Oh... use it for a full three months. Bull fucking shit... it doesn't work for everyone -- certainly not for me.

Skintactix has FUCKED my skin up so bad... right now I've been on Doxycycline and Differin, what I was on before i started Skintactix, and what I was perfectly clear with -- a whole month has gone by and I have no made any improvement whatsoever. I have never in my life felt so fucking miserable. I haven't had sex in 7 months and I'm going insane, and I can't get girls because MY ... SKIN ... IS ... FUCKED ... UP. I've been off Skintactix since the beginning of October and it left me with tons and tons of clogged pores or whatever the fuck you want to call them.

One by fucking one they fill with shit under my skin giving me big red bumps, then they get inflamed, and then a week later, there's another clogged pore in the same exact fucking spot and the cycle continues.

My roommate plays World of Warcraft all day... eats fucking chips and drinks soda, smokes, doesn't exercise, and is an overall shitty fucking person and he can fall asleep after all that bullshit on his face and maintain perfectly clear skin.

I drink nothing but water... if I need something sweet, I eat fruit; fresh vegetables, lean meat, and fish. I don't smoke. I rarely drink. AND MY SKIN KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!!!!

I don't know who the fuck has it out for me, but I just turned 20 yesterday and I woke up to a broken out face and I wanted to hit somebody really hard. I want to hit my fucking roommate and throw his shit out the window. I want to punch my fucking mirror.

I'm in the Army Stationed in South Korea, and I showed up at this unit with PERFECT skin... completely flawless. Then I was stupid and changed my products and now I look like complete fucking shit. And I'm always in front of people; going to boards, giving briefs, ceremonies, PDF, english tutor -- you know, people see me. And they just saw my skin slowly get worse... and worse... AND WORSE. That is the worst feeling in the world.

You go from girls looking at you to turning their heads the other way.

I go into work, stupid bitch Mission Manager "HEY, WHY IS YOUR FACE SO FUCKED UP?"


Or one of the other junior enlisted, "Well, your face is fucked up."


There is nobody else in my unit with skin as bad as mine. This such a shameful title, and I don't understand it. I don't understand my skin. I want to keep telling myself I don't have acne because it's just clogged pores getting inflamed, but I don't want to lie to myself. My skin is red, my face is broken out, and it's been this way for months. I'm going crazy and I'm close to the fucking edge and just snapping.

I wrote Skintactix a really nasty email... but that's all I could do. That won't get me clear skin, that won't make them accountable, nothing. I try to keep telling myself it's getting better, but it's really not... which is why I always end up writing stupid threads in this forum.

The DKR didn't work for me.

Eating healthy doesn't work for me.

Exercising doesn't work for me.

Retinoids and Antibiotics don't work for me anymore.

I tried praying, that doesn't work either.

Nothing works. And all the while, my fat fucking slobby ass piece of shit roommate can fall asleep with teryaki sauce on his fat fucking face and wake up with no problems at all.

From having fun, making goofy faces:


To Skintactix after two months:


To my skin now:


That's my digression over the past 5 months and it fucking sucks. I'm no longer jolly, happy, and playful; I'm now reclusive, paranoid, bitter and defensive.

Excluded people become aggressive (even when unprovoked), defensive, uncooperative, unhelpful, self-defeating (e.g., they make less rational, healthy choices), and they shut off their emotional responses, perhaps engaging in defensive denial. They also perform worse on tasks such as intellectual tests. (Abrams, Hogg, and Marques 4)

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You sound like me!

"I drink nothing but water... if I need something sweet, I eat fruit; fresh vegetables, lean meat, and fish. I don't smoke. ......... AND MY SKIN KEEPS GETTING WORSE!!!!!"

We take care of our skin, but we still lose. Others, i.e. ur roommates, just LUCKY to have clear skin! I hate that!!

You skin doesn't look bad at all, just some redmarks.

Good Luck!

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you should definitely rub your acne against your roomie's face and see if he'll break out.

seriously dude i dont think your skin is that bad. sure its not how it used to be but maybe youre just letting it get to your head

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Honey, that ain't bad at all!!! Don't you worry! Start worry when you get cystic acne that leads to keloid scars that will NEVER go away. This will pass and you don't even look bad anyway! Don't worry :)

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lol, yea first of all...why were you continuing using products when your face looked good? Second of all, abut 80% of ppl here will have worse acen than you do. Lastly, try tazorac.....although it dosn't look like you have red marks like you swore you did....just inflmation pastules. BP? Or hell...try using nothing like your roommate

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yea your skin got worse but its not bad at all and its only mild in those pix.. man big deal what people say, ure skin could be so much worse than it is. Chin up thats the best thing to do for acne IMO.

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lol man wait till you deploy, this place is the worst fucking place on the planet for acne. the px doesnt even sell skincare products.

But yeah man i feel you, we have it worse than anyone in the army. In the army there is no such thing as politeness or tact, if you have something to be made fun of (ie acne) you are going to hear about it 24/7. I've probably gotten called pizza face a dozen times this week already. It is just part of the life though and you'll get used to it eventually. The good side is, these days i could give a fuck less if anyone makes fun of my acne, it really doesnt bother me that much anymore.

You know whats really funny though? Ever since I got here to iraq my face has been clearing up since I started a bunch of prescptions, but the lack of hygene has made a bunch of OTHER people in my platoon start breaking out bad, even some of the ones that made fun of me! I am no longer the zittiest guy in my platoon!! (knock on wood)

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