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high frequency treatment

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I have been reciving high-frequency treatments for my acne and I've been very happy with the results. However, I am now pregnant, and I'm unsure if the treatment is still safe. My esthetician assures me it is safe, but how can I be sure? I want to ask my doctor about it, but I realized I'm still not completely sure what the treatment actually is -- just that she "zaps" my skin with a glowing wand, and my acne diminishes.

Any thoughts?

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Hi, I have the same question.

I recently purchased the At-home dermawand system and the package indicates that it is not for use for pregnant women.

However I tried google-ing the subject (for both oxylight and dermawand) and seems nothing has come up indicating harm in use of it. However, sites that sell these products all have this disclaimer saying pregnant women or people using pacemakers should not use these high frequency devices.

I am also pregnant, but this is a time when I need the dermawand most. I have used it for a few days and it seems to be helping with pregnancy acne.

If anyone has knowledge of the subject, please advise!


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I'm with you -- whatever happened to my promised "glowing" pregnancy skin!

Since I'm still not exactly sure how the device works, I don't really know what to ask my doctor. I've tried googling "high freequency skin treatment" but haven't found anything but commercial sites, and I'd like a more independent source of information about it. I think I will call and ask my esthetician the brand name of the device she uses, so I can at least get information from the company web site to show my doctor.

Meanwhile I am sticking to the regimen which is helping a little.

While my skin isn't glowing, at least it is a little improved. My skin really started to break out badly several months before I got pregnant, when I first stopped taking birth control pills.

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