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Botox & Tanning

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botox? eh.. my mom's friends love botox and every couple of months they have a "botox party" at one of their houses and when my mom had to host it (she didn't want to b/c she didn't use it but her friends did and they made her have the party..she was pmsing all week), i saw the doctor put it in and it looked nasty.. but i guess the results were good. don't use it unless you're really really old or if your wrinkles are really noticeable.

i'm curious to know if it has an effect on acne.

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Guest Locked In Grace

Botulism is actually more effective as an age prevention tool. Truth. If you're going to use it, start before you have wrinkles. Between eyebrows, on your forehead, where crows feet will appear etc... I think i'll get some when i'm done with Accutane and Fraxel.

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Guest Locked In Grace
Yeah, I want to get Fraxil done also but the derm told me to wait 6 months to be safe

Yeah, i'll wait atleast 6-12 months post tane. It's required, plus i want to be sure that my acne is well and truly in remission.

As for the Botox, i'd wait until you've done Fraxel because that will really improve the overall appearance of your skin. After you're done with that, you may choose to get some Botox done. Far more cost effective.

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