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Molapro Andrew

Andrew's Accutane Log

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Day 19

^Definitely. My nose is really rough. I'm ready for them just to go away now though. >_>

So, no new pimples again today! Well, there's this weird, small one that doesn't hurt. It sort of just seems like a clogged pore or something. But that's it. Lips getting drier, need to apply chapstick regularly now. Oh, and my nose is kind of raw and red, hrm.

Anyway, things are going good.

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Day 20

Bah, the clogged pore turned into a pimple, it's pretty big, red, and irritated. I also woke up with one by my mouth again, go away dammit. Lips seem a little better than yesterday, although my nose is way worse. I feel like I have a cold or something, I keep sneezing. In fact, I just sneezed. My nose was running constantly, so it bled a little. Not much of a nosebleed though, went away almost instantly.

Besides the inside, the outside of my nose is really raw and peeling. The front of it is red and scabby all the time >=(

And today, it killed to apply moisturizer. The stinging. Then there's also the sides, which are covered in a really gross amount of blackheads and really gross and bumpy to touch. They better just miraculously fall out soon!

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Day 21

Ergh. So much for my streak. Two pimples by my mouth, one on my cheek, and I can feel another one coming in by the other side of my mouth. Still not really anything resembling an IB, just the regular rate. But I did think it was getting better for a few days. >=(

Nose won't heal, raw. Lips seem to be fine, no moisture problems anywhere but my nose.

Had to do a research paper all day today and it's still not done, god, I hope tomorrow is a snow day. We're supposed to get 40cm of it or something.

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Day 22

Beginning of week 4! The pimple near my mouth broke through, and I still have 2 more on the other side of my face from yesterday. *sigh*

I have to continue with that research paper, so no time for talkins. Lips dry, nose dry and bumpy, everything else fine.

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Day 23

No new pimples today, I think all the other ones have dried up. Although I can't really tell with one of the ones by my mouth.

I think I'm done that research paper, now I need to learn a unit of Physics for Monday...and then Exam week...


Lips dry, been using vaseline on them while at home. Nose is still flaky, red and bumpy. I want these blackheads out.

Getting my blood test a week from now, then the following Tuesday I've got my derm checkup.

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Day 25

I missed a day, ocrap.

I was studying physics, and still am right now actually. So, this will be quick again.

Lips dry, nose less red, still flaky. Had a bit of a flaky patch of skin on my cheek today, rubbed it off and now I have a big red splotch.

No new pimples in the last two days.

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hey... dont worry about missing a pill... the drug has a fairly low half-life and it wont really make any difference if you take it at a different time during the day or if you miss one occasionally... just take 2 the next day. (its not hormonal like birth control or something)

also your face looks fine... you're only a few weeks in but give it another 5-6 and your acne will start to disappear!!

good luck. accutane works.... ive never heard of someone who took it and didnt get at least a big improvement if not completely cured (like me)


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Oh, I didn't miss a pill, I missed an update on this forum. XD

Anyway, I'm probably going to stop updating every day. I'll just update if something noticeable happens.

Edit: Hrm, I just noticed I have a cyst on the front of my neck, i've gotten pimples on the back of my neck but never the front. Bleh.

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Day 30

End of the first month and a couple of new things!

My blackheads are finally starting to come out, and my nose is healed and way less rough. Except for the inside, which is blooooody. But it doesn't bleed, it just stays in there. O_O

I've sort of broken out a little around my mouth, like usual. I've got 4 pretty big whiteheads all in the same little area. Looks pretty bad and it hurts.

I've also got a cyst on my jaw that's almost faded away, and the one on my neck is clearing up.

Also, since yesterday I am now on 40mg.

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Day 34

I went to see my derm today, and got pushed up to 60mg because I've been handling the other stuff so well. I did the math, and I've taken 960mg out of my 7200mg overall dosage. So just 6240mg to go...This should go a lot faster with 60's though.

Not much new stuff since my last post, my mouth area is one pimple and just red marks now, and I've got one bump between my eyes. It doesn't hurt, and doesn't even seem active...I hope it goes down. Luckily, no one pays attention to what anyone else looks like during exam week.

Side effects right now are just dry lips, they still aren't really cracking, and definitely not at the sides, but I do have to apply lip balm every 10 minutes or so. Lower back pain is pretty constant, but not too bothersome, and my left nostril is really dry and bloody in the mornings, although my right is fine? Hardly any dry skin, but not oily either! And I can wash my hair every second day now if I want to. I still wash it every day anyway...but it's nice to know I can skip one and not look (and feel) horribly greasy. Blackheads on my nose seem to be completely gone, it feels so much nicer and smoother. It's nice to know there aren't huge black dots on my nose when I'm talking to people. =)

Overall, I have very little acne on my face, probably about 2 pimples and a couple of clogged pores and bumps. Although I have probably several dozens of red marks everywhere, they show like crazy because I'm so pale. Hopefully they will fade, I also think I see some scarring on the sides of my face, maybe once the red fades they won't be so noticeable.

I've got a chemistry and physics exam tomorrow. I've studied a lot but I'm stressed as hell. >_<

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Day 39

Alright, so I had my first real accutane nose bleed...DURING MY MATH EXAM. I'm pretty sure I screwed up the last question because of it, I was so close to finishing it too, and bam, my nose starts GUSHING blood.

...At least it's probably a funny story I can tell people or something. O_O

My cheeks have been really good in the last few days, no new pimples, but I think I might just be going through my weird stages again where I'll get acne only on my cheeks, and then only on my mouth, or only on my forehead. I think I just finished my mouth round, and am starting my forehead. I've gotten 3 there in the last few days, today they're all dried up though. Still a pretty big inactive bump between my eyes. -_-

I can definitely notice an increase in dryness with the 60mg, it seemed like I wasn't experiencing hardly any dryness for most of my course until now. It's still not tight or anything, but anywhere on my face that has traces of an active pimple is covered in a layer of dry skin the next morning. Hrm. Lips are still dry, not too bad, although they're so raw they feel like they're down to their last layer of skin. XD

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Day 40

40 is a nice round number, so I figure I'll add a pic today. I'd like to take more close-ups and angles, but the camera I have is just so terrible that it'd take forever to get anything acceptable. Here's a blurry shot that hides a lot of redness of my right cheek.


I can see (and feel) a lot of improvement from Day 16, it's all smooth and there's no active acne there at all. Hopefully the red marks will fade soon. =)

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Day 56

Well, I haven't updated this in a while. Day 56. Jeeze, that seems far in. So I think this is the beginning of my 8th week or something.

I'm pretty much trying to forget about acne and accutane for now, thinking about it all day every day is just irritating. Of course there are some things that can't be ignored, such as the two nosebleeds I've had today (There's currently a wad of tissue up my left nostril >_>) and the constant dry lips. I've gone through four tubes of lip balm. Applying it probably more frequently than once every 3 or 4 minutes.

I suppose things are going well. I don't get pimples very often anymore, last week I got two though. One being on my lip (I used to get those so often, why is that?!) and the other on my cheek. They're just more red marks now. So yeah, right now I'm basically all red marks on my face, however, my back/shoulders isn't clearing up quite as well, probably due to me getting mostly cystic acne back there. I'm faithful that the breakouts there will stop eventually too though.

Gah, as good as it is that I don't get pimples anymore, I'm anxious for the red marks to be gone. Regular people can't seem to tell any real improvement in my skin. One of my friends asked me when it's supposed to start working today, and another suggested Proactiv (Grr...)

Anyway...red marks can't stay forever. I'll just have to wait it out.

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Proactiv sucks....

i hate it when people suggest it. Seriously, those people who make it have brain-washed EVERYBODY. People who never have to worry about acne think it works but have never tried it and only rely on what they see in commercials.

Proactiv has only proved one thing, ignorant people can be seriously convinced with constant commercials / catchy slogans / jessica simpson / 30 day money back guarantees.

The part of the proactiv commercial that i hate the most is when the girl says, "dont you want to be clear too?"....


ok. im sorry i went on my proactiv rant in your log. I just really really despise the product.

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Ugh Proactiv :rolleyes: I will admit it worked for me (mildly) but the second I stopped using it BAM instant breakouts. That's no way to live, to be completely dependant forever on it. Besides, it doesn't work for most people with real acne anyway..

Anywho, I thought you were on 80mg/day like me, guess not..the breakouts have all but stopped for me, here's to hoping they'll stop completely for you too very soon!

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Day 60

I guess this is technically the end of month two, but my derm appointment isn't till friday.

Things are going well, my lips are a type of dry I've never experienced before. They aren't cracking though.. It's almost as if I've pulled off so many layers of skin that they're just two squishy sacks of blood with an extremely thin layer of skin over them. Verrry red looking, and constantly sore. Meh.

I've got one pimple-esque type thing now. It's more of a clogged pore or something. I'm just letting it go away on it's own.

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Day 70

I think I might have my days screwed up, meh. It's close enough.

Had my derm appointment last week, apparently my blood tests haven't made a single change since I started. Woohoo.

My face is doing alright, I have a few irritated spots on my face, but no real pimples. It might just be the slow healing. Lips suck, but I'll manage. I suppose the redness is fading a little, that'll take a while I guess.

Progress is a little slower with body acne, I'm still getting a few on my shoulders and back, hoping that will go away soon.

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Day 72

Damn! Getting a pretty big pimple on my neck, go away please. Meh, it's my only active pimple anywhere. Some dry flaking skin on my face, right above my eyebrows especially. I washed my face too hard and now it's starting to scab. Also, there seems to be a chunk of skin missing from my nose >_>

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Day 77

Jeeeze, the pimple on my neck is a huuge cyst. It looks like a goddamn tumor. Still my only one anywhere though. I can tell it will be a while until this one is completely gone though, there's no hole for the stuff to come out and it'll probably just be a regular colored bump on my neck for weeks. =/

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Day 88

Wow, I was just looking over some other peoples logs really quick and man...I have got it really good! My side-effects are minimal and not really that bothersome, and I almost never get pimples anymore. I've still got a lot of red marks and discolorations, but they don't really bother me that much and I know they'll fade. I'm really pale, so every little flaw shows.

I can finally wash my hair the night before and get up and it wont be greasy! I hope this stays even after accutane, it's so much more convenient this way.

My skin isn't that dry really, theres a few spots here and there that give me trouble (like over my left eyebrow, it's scabbing!), but overall it's just regular skin. Not oily, not dry.

Yeah, my lips are dry. But this aveeno lip balm I'm using works wonders. I used to have to apply my old stuff literally every five minutes or less. But with the aveeno I have gone hours and actually forgotten about it! Perhaps I've just gotten used to it and the accutane doesn't effect my lips so much, I don't know. But something has gotten a lot better.

My joints are probably the biggest problem, I can't stand in one spot for over...10 seconds. Or I'll basically seize up and then have to sway myself out of that position in order to stumble back into a limp-like walk. It's not that bothersome really though, it'll go away after this and I'm not exactly the most active person anyway.

I think that's it for current side-effects. I've had others, but right now things are going smoothly. I often forget I'm on accutane, and my skin isn't something I think about that often now. ^_^

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