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Growing a beard to hide scars

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Hey for all you guys that have pretty thick facial hair have you tried hiding your scars with a five o`clock shadow or a short beard?



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haha, yea i have the same problem... im 22 and only grow hair on my chin and upper lip... i wish i had a full beard! u can get hair transplants onto your face... i think this will be my last resort if nothing else works for my scars... lol

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i have a job where i have to be clean shaven, so i only can only look forward to weekends and long holidays like now. i love it, though. i look so much better with a beard and have more self confidence. even if a pimple is on my forehead. it's really nice to feel this way.

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Yeah i cant grow a beard either in the army. ALTHOUGH i did see some pictures of the british secret air service when they're in iraq, and they had full on beards. But yeah, beards are good for the scars, and ... the ladays.

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yea... i actually contacted a hair transplant center in miami, fl and the doctor told me it is very possible to produce a full beard to hide facial scars... especially if you have strong good donor hair. what they do is take hair follicles from the back of your head and put grafts into the selected areas. i saw some before and after pics and its pretty cool. there are no side effects and the hair is yours so it grows like normal hair and you shave it etc... they told me that the procedure takes like 4 hours and the hair would fall out after a week and then grow back after one to three months.... you are left with a slight scar on the back of your head from where the hair is taken but the scar is not noticable even with a number two buzz.... damn, i think this is something im going to look into... i shaved my head today cuz i do it myself and i put some of the hair over my cheeks and it hides the scars 100 percent! haha, im such a dork...

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hey by the way i would really really appreciate it if someone here that can grow a good beard would take some pics of their scars without facial hair, and then with stubble... just to get an idea if it really does hide scars...


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