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come back clear skin

burn on chin please help!!!!!

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ok i had pizza for tea and i was starving so bit into it while it was still maga hot and a bit of cheese dropped onto my chin and burnt it i held a cold flannel to it for 10 mins but now it's red and looks like it might blister i've got sudocrem on it bit i really want it to go down before xmas eve do i have any hope at all? i know it's not a spot but i'm gutted as it's right where i always get them on my chin and i have loads of red marks there too i'm worried it will go all scabby and leave a horrid red mark please help someone

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Same happened to me except i got a graze on my chin from fighting and now it looks like a spot, i just cover it over with foundation... :shifty:

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I burnt me wrist on the toaster the other day - like you do! And when I went around my mums she put some lavender essential oil of it. It was only two small drops as it pure oil. But this is very calming on the skin, smells lovely and it prevents scarring.

I look as if I have been trying to slash my wrists - where my burn is!! Anyway it will go soon, or you could try bio oil.

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