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This stuff is amazing it actually really helped!

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Hi everyone I have been a lurker in the forums for a long time and suffered from very bad acne i thought there would never be any relief from my daily scrubing, cleansing and treatments. I'm 26 and thought this was crazy for it to be happening to me, and i know what you mean when everyone says they hate to even have to look someone in the eye sad.gif Well my friend reccomended this product to me i was a little skeptical.. but I had nothing to lose i tried all the other stuff with no progress. I ordered the pills the product is called clearderma and followed their directionsd actually i was so ambitious i took a few extra pills that i was supposed to. Let me tell you something honestly i think i saw big improvements in like 5 days.. after about 2 weeks i was almost totally cleared up and now if i continue to take them i remain totally cleared up and it's amazing i feel great and can look at people and even date! smile.gif I'm in love with the product, only side effect was some excessive bathroom use and you know what.. the first week after that (i guess my body got used to it) it all went away. They are awesome and i owe them everything they get back ordered alot so when i order or order a bunch of bottles.. i hope this helps you guys! their website is http://www.clearderma.com

P.S it's so nice to be able to take some pills instead of butchering my face every day

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I just read your post, and that stuff sounds so interesting. Im actually starting accutane sometime this week, but on the website for clearderm it says it works almost as good as accutane? Hmmmm?? That would be cool if it did, but Im glad it worked for you!

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