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Sweet Accutane Side-Effects

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Since I've started taking accutane my hearing has improved greatly, I used to have tons of ear wax in my ear all the time, now theres a much smaller amount. All my friends have noticed the difference too (we all play instruments). As for the acne part it's doing it job, just slowly. But i was wondering if anyone else had any really good positive benefits from accutane besides getting rid of acne.

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I sleep like a baby now on accutane, my sleep is very deep and relaxing. I'm not tired I just can go to bed anytime I want and fall asleep much faster than before. Love it.

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I've only been on it for 2 months, but besides wiping out my acne, I think the drug has reduced the fluid build up in my ears, and has also helped me breath through my nose better. Both of which have been problems for me. At first I was afraid the drug might damage my hearing more than it has already been damaged, but I think it's actually preventing a lot of problems. Also, the drug is just resurfacing like half my body, out with the old, in with the new. lol

I think it is also helping me lose a little weight, and lower my appetite slightly.

But not to sound too happy, this drug has a lot of bad thing about it too (triglycerides doubled after 1 month, i have to go to the bathroom more frequently and suddenly, and of course tons of dryness everywhere, bloodshot eyes, and fragile skin, and headaches)

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I don't think it making you sleep better is a good side effect, well it is I guess, but I feel sleepy constantly which is not good.

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I'm loving the not having greasy hair anymore! Don't know what I'm going to do when I come off it and the oil comes back!

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Has made my skin feel soft...not just the skin on my face. However, my perfect vision has deteriorated in the evenings and at night. :doubt: It's fine during the day, but in the evenings I can't make out things in the distances such as signs and have trouble reading small writing at a focal point more than about three metres away.

Anyone know why this is?

dd :xmas:

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