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ok..i'm really desperate now...i just pulled out a huge oil sac from my right cheek and now there's a freakin huge hole in my face!...it's about 2mm in diameter!! HELP....pls tell me what i should do now to prevent it from leaving a scar behind....ahhhhhh....hellllllllpppppp.....

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Neosporin is a topical anti-biotic ointment available over the counter in the US. It assists in healing, fights infection, and minimizes scarring.

I second the suggestion to try it. I don't break out that much anymore, but a few weeks ago I got a doozie on the front of my face, about an inch left of my nose. That thing looked like it was out of some horror movie.

For a while there, I thought I was growing another face, it got to be so red and enormous. And it hurt, too.

To my credit, I left it alone until a soft white top appeared a few days later. I sterilized a needle, drew out as much of the pus as I could, swabbed the wound with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, then covered it with Neosporin and a sterile bandage. Every morning for a week, I applied an ice compress for a few minutes, and then applied more Neosporin and a fresh bandage.

The result: the eruption healed after a week and left a scar that is so minor that it is hardly visible, and not worth worrying about. Had I not used Neosporin, or had I not waited until the eruption was ready before I attempted to drain it, I'm convinced that the resulting scar would have been much larger and deeper.

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I 4th it.

I had one of those on my forehead, so I used neosporin and a bandaid. I really think the Bandaid is KEY in keeping in the moisture. The new rubbery kind works great.

Anyway, Neosporin is good stuff.

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If you don't have Polysporin, maybe try Emu Oil. You can order it from the Skin Biology site.

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Just try any antibiotic ointment. Just to clarify though...did you somehow get hold of a cyst and pull it out? I'm not sure what you mean by an oil sac. If the skin itself is undamaged the hole might just close up by itself.

Ice it and apply the ointment and leave it alone!

Best of Luck and relax!


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