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Ok, check this out.

I have been on the regimen for about 4 weeks,It has helped my acne, but has made by face red, and peeling. The problem isnt Dan's regimen, but the type of skin/acne I have.

One of my mom's friends is a dermatologist, (Wish I knew sooner) she heard about my new acne problem and told me to come over to her house, where she examined me a little bit.

Basically, she told me that my acne problem probably occured around the fall/winter months, which was exactly right! She said that my acne was caused more by dead skin cells clogging my pores, than anything else, especially in the fall and winter months where your skin is usually much dryer.

What she told me to do---

She told me to start using something called "St. Ives Apricot Scrub", and "St. Ives Clear Pore Cleanser" along with the Neutrogena Benzoyl Peroxide.

She said-In the shower, both morning and night, use the Apricot Scrub and Pore Cleanser. At night, use the Apricot Scrub and Pore Cleanser, then, use the Benzoyl Peroxide for SPOT TREATMENT only, since I have pretty sensitive skin.

This is not an advertsiement for these products, hell Im just doing what the doctor told me to do, and It was amazing results! My skin was almost completely clear, and just flat out felt good. If you have sensitive skin like myself, I would try this stuff out, it worked for me.

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She said that using those products shouldnt require a moisteurizer, but if you do need one, then the neutrogena, alpha hydroxy would be the best.

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When I hear the word 'scrub', I'm a little cautious as scrub to me implies coarseness (caused by those apricot thingies) which could irritate an acne-prone face even more.

Also, based on past experiences, dermatologists do not impress me with their ability to fix acne problems. They seem to be just as much reaching in the air as I was.

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yeah, i agree with last_straw...

the two derms i saw did little to help. one wanted to put me on accutane, which i refused right off the bat. the second put me on differin, and it made my skin more irritated than anything ive ever used.

dan's regimen has gotten me clear, nothing else has. i still have #[email protected]#$ red marks on my face, but they will fade, they will fade....

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hey, i have the exact same prob as you utvol... when i think of it... a LOT of people's acne seems to get worse in the winter months... a lot of people will fight this by using products that just make the skin dryer... it just goes to show that keeping your face nice and healthy often makes acne go away on its own. i have personally had a lot of luck using a simple 10% aha gel to slough away dead skin cells... it doesn't stop acne completely, but it makes it a LOT less serious...

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Desiten will fade the red marks. As for the Scrub, that stuff sucks and the tiny little rock-like "Scrubbers" only further irritate the face. I'm right, whoever disagrees is wrong.

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The apricot scrub is ok, used it for a couple of years. Now the pore cleanser, i remember i used it once, the same day i broke out like never before. It's very irritating to my skin. I don't like st ives products much. I've had better success with lemons than the apricot scrub.

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Since using the St. Ives stuff, no new pimples have occured, and it is actually helping to fade away the redmarks on my jawbone. Just telling ya.......

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She said that my acne was caused more by dead skin cells clogging my pores, than anything else

im tempted to try this but before i spend a £10 on a few creams just want to ask.. when u shave with a razor arent u removing dead skin anyway?

(if u dont shave and a day to day basis then plz say)

as i was reading that when i shave im removing a layer of skin and dead skin.

im just wondering that after reading that and ur post if it is worth my time...



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