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my red marks are FINALLY disappearin after almost 2 yrs

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okay so this is awesome.. my red marks are disappearing (everyone is noticing and saying my skin looks so great) and it ISNT because of any new product ive bought.. the newest things ive got are about a month old and theyre not even for red marks.. im using a clarins everyday bronzer/self tanner (its not that dark so i dont think its just that stuff covering the marks) and olay UV protection moisturizer for oily skin..

the last product i bought for red marks was the pure deming IG that was about a month ago.. i use it ocassionally but i dont think its what sgetting rid of my red marks. im not sure what it is.. maybeim done school = no more stres.. or acutally just NOT worrying anymore.. everyday in every situation i used to feel so crappy about my skin i could hardly function.

im so glad they're going away. i dont knwo what it is.. but im glad its working i hope i dont jinx myself.. this is the first time im not even using any red mark treatment.. maybe nnot using anything might work for you too!

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redmarks are bound to disappear by themselves in 18-24 months period, depending on the skin type. so this is got nothing to do with the bronzer, it's just that their time is up.

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Yeah, sounds like they're just naturally fading with time, as all scars do! Patience pays off.

Can't say I'm being patient with my redmarks... I've tried a ton of things and am using aloe vera and ACV religiously, lol. But thanks for reminding us that they DO go away on their own eventually :)

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Guest concerto

I'm happy for you Dolce! :D:D:D

After trying things like baking soda scrub, Neosporin, etc., I found out that all they do is irritate, make your red marks darker, and sometimes scar further.

I too am trying to be gentle and use gentle face washes and moisturize. I've noticed that when I'm being gentle, my scars are not noticeable at all and red marks fade much faster.

Anyway, I guess I have to wait a bit longer for my marks to completely fade away. heheheh

Congrats again!

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