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what do you think of my regimen?

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ok here it goes...


wash with clearasil stuff, if you need the info i'll get it

60 sec. face soak- from that thread about "soak you're face away" or something

afterschool/work i try to rinse with warm water if i have time


wash with clearasil

60 sec. face soak

neutrogena on the spot BP

any suggestions? i used to do BP am and pm but i'm starting to clear up, and i'm trying to cut back on the chems.

please keep in mind i'm only 16 and don't have money to go buy some exotic plant extract or seed something. :confused:

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i have moderate, it's probably a lot better but i don't notice. it's hard to tell because one day a while back when it was pretty bad my dad was like, you're face is looking good today, what have you been doing? i was just like, um, shutup dad.

i used to have really red bumps and white heads, mostly on my cheeks and under my jaw. now i'm just a little flaky and red with sparatic red bumps, ~5 whiteheads that come and go, but i still havea ton of bumps/blackhead thingys.

about the flakyness: i should probably moisturize, right? the problem with this is that i used to but, maybe i'm weird but it would burn the frickin sh.. outta my head. it felt like 10% BP. i was using some clearasil stuff

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hmm it sounds like your skin is red and flaky because of the benzoyl peroxide. Are you also doing the hot water dip regimen?

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wow you guys are like a machine or a calculator or something. i like ask a question and you respond almost immediately.

yeah, i'm doing BP and THE DIP but i'm afraid to use a moisturizer because when i used it it burned very badly, my face was uniform in color regardless of acne or not. when i say flaky, i guess i mean more of like powder. if i get like a black shirt and put it on my face and take it off i can see white powdery spots.

i have also decided to examine more closely and what i have found is that almost all of my pores are clogged. either black heads, big or small, or bumps that are visable or not visable, depending on skin tightness. for example, if i stretch my skin, smiling, opening my mouth or eyes wide, you can see little white bumps that disappear after relaxing. i hope someone understands this because i don't really know how to explain it.

after i hopefully get clear on my face, then i'll have to start on my shoulders and back...

"baby steps bob, baby steps. baby steps through the door, baby steps through my office, baby steps down the stairs and so on and so forth."

from "what about bob" in case you didn't know.

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