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Cursed with High cholesterol

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So my blood work was all fine and dandy before going on accutane.

On my last months blood work my total cholesterol came out to be 270

My LDL was 175

I tested it now 3 months later and its still up the same amount.

I am about 100 lbs, I eat very healthy, but exercise little.

My derm wants to refer me to my general physican, and I dont see the point of going because he is just going to put me on a type of drug to bring my cholesterol down. Dont like the idea of that :snooty:

Any advice of what I can/should do? Is this serious like drop dead heart attack thing? Also what should I look for as a symptom sign of the effects of high cholesterol?

Thanks in advance for all your help :wub:

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Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol :)

I believe the cholesterol problem most likely stems from abuse to your liver due to the Accutane, seeing as most of the cholesterol in your body is produced by your liver and not through diet. It's also important to differentiante between good and bad cholesterol, the bad stuff being oxidized.

I think Danny would know much more about this though...

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Don't stress too much about high cholesterol. I recently attended the International Congress on Clinical Nutrition, and there were a number of studies which were presented which showed that too much emphasis is placed on cholesterol levels, particularly its role in arteriosclerosis. High glycemic carbohydrates cause far more damage to arteries etc than cholesterol.

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^ ^ ^ This is the truth. I read a lecture that I wish I still had where the speaker showed how increasing insulin resistance through HG carbs causes less uptake of magnesium in the arteries which in turn causes them to stiffen up and get clogged easier.

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