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Blackheads Question


I'm just into my 3rd month this week on roaccutane.

I've noticed that alot of my blackheads have gone, but quite a few remain...

Is this normal?

I've read on here that you lose the blackheads at the 1st few weeks of treatment, I have, but not them all..

Does this mean i'll be stuck with the ones that remain on my face or will they also disappear sometime later in the treatment?

Anyone help?

PS - What about you? did all your blackheads disappear at the start of treatment? or did you lose them bit by bit during the course of the whole treatment? feedback would be great.


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I lost mine basically all at once (they were deep under my skin, i didn't even know i had them until they pushed up to the surface). If you still have them at the end of treatment, talk to your derm about extracting them.

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Im on my 3rd week of treatment 50 mg a day. When i feel over my nose and sides of cheeks its really bumpy and i presume these are the blackheads forcing themselves out of the skin.

When i look in the mirror they just look like little white pieces of small rice. How do you go about removing these, do you just leave them to fall off naturally or lightly scrub them with a wash cloth?

Also i have loads of quite large blackheads on my nose and i can feel them now but no visual sign of them coming out, will these take longer to push through? Also i hope they dont make my nose look all nasty and bumpy.

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If you leave them alone they will almost always come out on their own. If you really can't stand it, you can try gently exfoliating with a washcloth, but it may irritate the skin and prolong the purging process instead of speeding it.

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