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Accutane and Height

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Does Accutane really make you stop growing? I don't want to stay 5'9 my whole life. I've just switched dermatologists on Month 3 of Accutane, and the new guy scared the shit out of me. It's too late to stop now, but I'm just wondering... will I ever get any taller? PLEASE :wacko:

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There have been some anecdotal reports of premature growth plate closure, but if it causes it, it's very rare. However, if your desire to possibly grow taller outweighs your desire to clear your acne, you should wait until you are done growing if you want to make sure it's not a possibility for you.

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5'9 is a good height, unless you play basketball and you're worried about wanting to get taller. Honestly though, I think that growth stunting from Accutane is a bit blown out of proportion, especially depending on what your age is. If you an 18 year old Male, you're only going to be growing for so much longer. If you are 15 or something, then I could see why you ask.

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I took tane when i was 15.

1.72cm that time.

3rd course now, with 1.80cm(19 y)

premature growth plate closure is rare, and bone alterations is reported in chronic users, mostly.


but your derm is right, he got to tell you the possibilities.

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My son started taking accutane at 16 yrs old. He was 6' tall and a huge and busy athlete. He has not grown any, not a new tick mark on the door, not a speck, since the accutane. His acne cleared up very well, but with his large feet, we actually expected him to grow at least an inch or two more.

My younger son is nearly 16, and has acne as well. He is wondering if others out there have had this side effect.

We asked the dermatologist about it and he said he had never heard of it stunting growth, and believed it was not related to the accutane.

Looking back at family genetics, all the males in our family had previously kept growing till over 18 years of age. So my concern is genuine.

Please reply if others under the age of 18 had any growth stoppage.


Concerned Mom

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