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Hi Dan, Moderators, and/or anyone else,

I am new to this board and have just posted a ridiculously long and probably boring post in the General Acne discussion board. :whistle:

In the post I talked about, and want to specifically address here, salicylic product(s).

As I said in the post, one of the most beautiful things about your products (BP and cleanser) are that they are generally additive free, and not overkill with unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. They are, as I labelled, PURE.

I think that is HUGE in treating acne. While it's not something I'm looking for, I think it would be very beneficial for everyone here if you'd consider putting out a product that is PURE and contains salicylic acid (2%). Basically JUST salicylic acid and whatever else is necessary as a vehicle, but none of the other ingredients cosmetic companies add.

I think an overnight treatment is the most productive for skin (topical), but maybe some may prefer a cleanser? Whichever is preferred, as long as you put out a product that contains the basic active ingredient and not unnecesary additives.

Maybe you'd consider other products that contain maybe sulphur, like a masque, or other proven acne fighters?

Whatever is feasible and cost effective for you. But I think your product line can be effective and ideal if it'd include all acne fighters that are in a PURE vehicle with no other crap.

Thank you for considering this. :D

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I understand, but there's no reason that Dan (if he so chooses) can't make his own line of economically priced, additive-free acne products.

Just a suggestion.

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Check out this thread:


Dan says that he'll only manufacture products that worked for him (basically the DKR). It's a shame, though, because chances are Dan never tried a well-formulated salicylic acid product since the vast majority of salicylic acid products on the market have too high of a pH to allow the salicylic acid to exfoliate, contain skin irritants, or both.

Anti-inflammatory agents, water-binding agents, antioxidants, and cell-communicating ingredients can all be very beneficial in a formulation; I think you mean that skincare products should be free from unnecessary skin irritants like fragrance, drying forms of alcohol, colorants, certain plant extracts, etc...

In the meantime, Paula's Choice BHA products are the best and least expensive of decently formulated salicylic acid products.

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Actually, I am open to lots of scenarios. The thing is, it takes a lot of money to make a new product, so I have to space them out a little. Right now I'm doing the moisturizers, but I am considering a sal acid product along with other amazing ingredients that I have learned about recently through speaking with industry people. My thought is that even if sal acid doesn't work as well as BP, if I can get people eating a somewhat less inflammatory diet and get them on an easy sal acid treatment, we might be able to reach a lot more people that way. Anyway, stay tuned...

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