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causes of recent breakout

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My skin was doing so good for a while, but now I can practically look in the mirror and watch as new zits form. I've tried to think of anything that's different lately that could cause this breakout:

- lots of stress (financial issues; helping my mom while whe's been sick, and she's having surgery next week; planning for holiday parties)

- eating pasta (sounds dumb, but I havent had pasta in a couple years and just indulged the last couple weeks)

- drinking a few protein shakes (I just read the thread on this, and some people think whey protein causes acne)

Everything else (skincare regimen, diet, amount of sleep, exercise, etc.) is the same as usual. Could one or any of the above be having such an effect on my skin? Thanks for any ideas...

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The stress and protein shakes. Stress is known to cause acne. I don't know about the protein shakes, but they could be part of it.

I'm stressed too because of school...I've got to read 90 pages of DULL Chinese economics and social science before Monday. Plus mmy stepdad has cancer, I'ce got a million late assignments and my normally decent grades are slipping...

Try meditation or yoga or listening to music. The last two nights, I've been going outside and just staring at the stars. I sit there and think about my day and stuff like that. It's really relaxing. If it's snowy where you live, take a break from everythin and go out and play! It's not snowing here :dry:

Don't worry so much. My family is having financial troubles too. There are 5 of us (3 kids, including me) and my stepdad was put on disability because he can't work because he's in so much pain. His medications are $12000 a month and insurance won't cover it...But a friend of my mom's who went through the same thing said, "Things always work out in the end."

And they will.

Good luck.

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Yeah my families having financial issues too, my mom might have to get a sad old person's job next year because the economy is really bad where they live and their mom and pop store they own isnt doing so well. Just dont let problems work against you mentally along with the physical (financial) part.

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thanks guys...I guess we are all stressed out with one thing or another. It's good that we can share our troubles here. I figured the stress thing was probably the main factor with me, and it probably is with you guys too, but it's so hard to relax!!

We had quite a lot of snow here and some really cold temps a couple weeks ago. One little lake here was frozen enough for my hubby to go ice fishing. He knew I wanted to go ice skating while he was fishing, so he bought me some new skates. And then the weather warmed up and all the snow and ice melted. I hope it gets cold again so I can go play outside on a frozen lake and relax that way.

thanks again for sharing. It would be great if none of us had problems, but for now it's good to know that we are not alone!

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