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Ive tried lots of things to get my skin clea of my acne. Im now 24 and have had it since I was 13. It got better 6 months ago for a short period and now its worse than ever.

Its really bothering me because my skin looks so bad and I have always been hoping with age it would improve but I cant wait any longer.

Ive used th regimen and Dalacin T Lotion in the past. These havent worked consistantly however both had their good and bad patches.

Im just wondering what more options I have. What products may be worth trying for me?

Would accutune be a realistic option and if so what does this involve?

Thankyou for your time

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There are tons of treatments, sadly, trial and error is the only way to figure out what works for YOU.

I understand that, that's terrible, because I realize a lot of people "don't have time" for trial and error, and want clear skin, as soon as possible.

That said, what have you tried?

I tried tons of things until I was put on both Minocycline, and Tazorac.

Those cleared me up perfect! But, it didn't happen overnight.

Accutane is realistic option, but don't jump right to it, if it can be solved by other things first. Your dermatologist would know what should help...

In the meantime, what is your skin like, and what have you tried?

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Are you are girl? If so, you may want to try birth control pills~ if you already haven't, they worked great for me (ortho tri cyclen), but see I went off of them and I was fine for about 6 months, but about a month ago I had a major flare up, so now Im back on the pill, and Im going to start accutane next week. Also you may want to try an oral antibiotic (minocyclen, doxycylen, tetracyclen) that might work also... Good luck!

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It took me 6 years of trial and error (and I am 30) before I found a combo that would keep me clear (Bactrim and Plexion Cleanser). Anything over the counter (and I have tried EVERYTHING) brakes me out, only perscriptions cleansers and oral antibiotics will keep my cystic acne under control. Minocycline worked great for me as well, only I had to go off of it since it stopped working after a few months. Good luck and you should go to a good Derm. for more advice.

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