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isotretinoin side effects: burning feeling in abdomen

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Hey All

I've been on sotret for 4 days now and lately I've been having burning sensations in my abdomen - sort of like heartburn but more diffuse. Has anyone experienced this and if so was it indication enough to stop the medication?

Thanks a bunch

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Thanks ...willl give it a try...

I've heard of this before..... I think it was pretty much solved by taking the pill with food and a tums later

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hey i had this problem too, im a 'very healthy' teenager as my doc said, and all the sudden i would get these feelings of tightness or almost burning in my lower stomach and i came to the conclusion that it was either bowel related or kidney/liver related as you have just started accutane i think its your bodys way of saying "STOP dont give me this anymore i dont know what it is or its too much at one time" but after a few days (for me about 2 weeks) my body adjusted found out how to eliminate it i guess it all went away and now i just have to deal with the dry lips, and now starting to get dry skin BTW did anyone tell you that you get dry skin while on it? lol just wanted to make sure you know that, good luck and i hope you got a bunch of Aquaphor advanced therapy healing ointment if not ask doctor for some they get it by the truck load, justin

Hi Justin

Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna stick with it and see how things go. I do know about the dry skin - I've stocked up on everything Aquaphor...!!! Anyway, hope accutane has worked wonders for your skin!

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