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just acne + dry skin

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Hi to all, hope you will help me. Despite having had problems with acne longer time I am new to this forum. Problems started 1.5 years ago [i am 31 years old] and until recently i had from time to time a really big and severe bumps. Now i have only permanent whiteheads sometimes with inflammation - however only on chin. They mostly dont last long time [they grow fast], but other appear earlier or later above all after a sport activity when sweaty. I have tried everything tea tree oil, Benzoyl peroxide, health regim etc. Point is that at the same time my skin is relly dry [also on cheeks and around nose] - as dry as i have got to moisten it with virgin olive oil [for salads]. What else could i use to fight this nastiness? What cleanser should i use against acne and dryness? Is hygiene factually essential, i read somewhere on a web its a myth....

thank you very much

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why do you use olive oil instead of moisturizer? it may be good i don't know i never tried it, but it just seems like an odd choice putting oil on your face. anyway have you tried a retinoid for the whiteheads such as green cream, differin or retin a? they won't help the dryness but they will keep your pores clear and are good for the whiteheads. i think if you start with that and use it consistently with a good moisturizer, exfoliating when you have to, you will see improvement. it takes time though, you probably won't see real improvement for a few months.

good luck.

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Less is more if you know what i mean. Only use derm tested products like Clinique etc.

Also dont use olive oil it is too oily and greasy to use. E45 or bio oil is good natural ingrediants to use on your face - remember you only have one skin and face so dont damage it.

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