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Brands to use etc?

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Well I'm new here, as of yesterday. I've posted a few times so far.

And, I've come across people using the terms BP and CSR etc.

What do these mean? :confused:

Also, I'm not good with the whole product stuff. So right now, I use; Young Solution Scrub Clean.

I used to use Garnier stuff, didn't do any difference.

I really need some help creating a regime for myself. Can anyone help?

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It's oily, I get new fresh pimples every day, I have a bunch of old scabby pimples on my chin (where pimples where), I got lots of blackheads on my nose and sometimes can get really dry.

Sorry, I'm not good with describing.

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I would say perhaps retin a micro for the blackheads and general skin texture perhaps with antibiotics to minimise a breakout and then topical antibacterial such as clindimycin or just dettol. Mild cleansing wash and a sunscreen.

But if you are looking for over the counter I would say either Green Cream or Paulas choice BHA's with an antibacterial e.g. dettol or tea tree if you like it (i personally don't)

I'm not a fan of BP but that's my own opinion.

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sounds like you could use some green clay with about 4 or 5 asprins dissolved with some purified water. rub on face let dry for about 15- 20 min then rinse off with warm water then moisturize. maybe even some jojoba oil afterwards. try that maybe every day for a week or 2 to 3 times a week depending on how your skin reacts.

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