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lemon cleanse

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footprint: I had moved this thread into the "over the counter" section of the board since it isn't directly related to scars.

Anybody want to try the lemon cleanse with me?  


Some people have had huge bumps go away - maybe it will help us? I don't know yet. I'm planning on starting today. If anybody's interested, I'll report back on how things are going.

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Thanks Tamara. Today is Day 0 of the lemon cleanse. It's day 0 because I ended up drinking some dong guai tea with 3 black dates and an egg. I think I'll start it tomorrow for sure. I plan to go for 10 days.

I don't understand the explanations why this diet works, but like the lady in the link, a friend of mine went on it because she had kidney problems. It helped her kidneys and she didn't have scars, but afterwards she glowed. Some sites have said it helps to get rid of addictions too. If it's such a miracle - maybe it will work for me.

Basically you drink 60 oz of juice made from half a lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and a senna tea each day. You can drink as much water as you want, and you take a laxative tea in the mornings and night.

I tried the senna tea this morning and got cramps. I'll take some again tonight and start the diet tomorrow.

I have 30 organic lemons and 2 bottles of maple syrup at home. I'm guessing cayenne pepper is the same thing as chilli powder, and using that.

I'm not going to use anything except sunblock on my skin when I try this. I've been throwing products at my skin for months. Hopefully 10 days off isn't going to hurt.

Right now my scars are like freckles - except they're indented. They're about as numerous as freckles and fall across my nose and upper cheeks.

I had 4 of the scars excised about 5 months ago. The area is still pink, and one of the X's healed perfectly flat! but I just have too many to excise them all.

Supposedly the first 3 days will be the worst, and I'm kinda expecting it. If anything happens it'll be around day 10.

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Okay it's day 1, all I feel is hungry. No new zits, skin is a bit oily. I drank half the required juice. Nothing much to report.

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