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Alright... i've been here for a few days reading about pretty much everything there is to know about being on tane.

I've been trying to figure out what food to eat since i have a very good diet and fat is not really part of it. I need your help. I know that peanut butter is good and all the fast food places .... but talking home food what should i look into? It would be great if you could tell me what kind of food to eat that has a lot of fat in it. (i'm not stupid, i've just never had a diet that had a lot of fat in it)

I am on day 7 of tane on 40mg a day... I'm 110 pounds and 5.7

Funny how i had it easy when i saw my doc. He first gave me AB that didn't work and after 5months said: want tane? i said sure and that was it. Got the pills the same day. No blood check no nothing. I wonder how come... I am seeing him on Jan 3rd 2007 to see if he will check my blood... I wanna be monitored while i'm going at it.

I don't feel bad after 7 days (although it's early still). I've notice the skin around my nose being dry and a little on my face but i was always dry (although oily, if you know what I mean) before. My left ear (believe it or not) is a little dry too (like i've gotten a sunburn on top of it). I've been drinking lots of water (i use to only drink one coffee or two a day and a glass of milk) i am up to 2 litres a day - that's a lot for me trust me). Aside from that I am A-OK... but i'll see with time.

Anyhow, any help on the food selection would be much appreciated.

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That's really odd. Usually you need a blood test initially as a baseline comparison ...

Most people don't have trouble, but you may need to look out for yourself here and ask the questions.

For food selection, see the sticky thread in this forum. Basically things high in fat (but there are obviously healthier high-fat items :))

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