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I cried and got free cortisone!

ok, so ive never gotten cortisone injections before, but this weekend im meeting my boyfriends parents for the first time. ive heard theyre nuts and his mom is super mean. anyway, like i dont have enough stress with school ending, a mandatory trip to colorado, and grad school application deadlines fast approaching. so yeah, i get two really painfull bumps ( possible cysts) in that delicate area just below the bottom lip, to the right of my chin. i go to the doctor and they say a nurse will shoot the stuff in my face, blah, blah. this bitch comes in and touches all over my face with her grubby hands and then tells me shes afraid to do the procedure because it may not be acne, but an infection. BITCH IVE HAD ACNE FOR 10 FUCKING YEARS! like she can tell the difference.

anyway, her rejection causes me to lose hope and i start to cry. shes a fucking robot so she offers to let me see their derm. i accept and she takes me to his office. then she asks me in the most cold and robotic voice if the reason im crying is over this or something else. i was like, "um, i think its probably over this." duh, ho. anyway, the most wonderful nurse comforts me afterwards and returns my copay and gets the derm to administer the shots for free. amazing. he was nice too. the pain is already gone and theyve flattened out significantly--i highly recommend cortisone injections. a good cry will make you feel so much better!

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lol... i love good nurses.. i hope to never get the bad ones

OOh baby I love good nurses when they put the thermometer in my _ SS!!!! :shock:

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