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Fraxel vs. Fraxel SR

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Does anybody know what the difference btwn. Fraxel and Fraxel SR is? I've done Fraxel before and the downtime was minimal.

I am however told the Fraxel SR is more intense with a bit more downtime. I just want to be sure I can wear makeup for when I go back to work. I plan on doing it on a Friday and come back to work on Monday.

The manager at the docs office said there would be oozing and crusting?



By the way, when I did Fraxel, I put on makeup the very next day being there were no open sores on my face, just redness.


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They actually are both Fraxel SR. One is the Fraxel SR 750 and the upgraded on the Fraxel SR 1500. The upgraded one simply allows the physician to go much deeper with the laser energy without causing as much unwanted surface skin trauma. For example, with the original SR 750 - it isn't common to go above 20mj of power because of the crusting and bleeding which equals down-time. But with the SR 1500 the physician can use much more power without as much trauma. So in the end, you can have a deeper penetrating treatment but there will be about as much downtime as an agressive treatment with the original SR 750. They are both very effective and I would suggest going as high as your physician is capable of with your particular skin type - especially for deep scars. Hope this helps others.

Also, there is a big difference between Fraxel and other fractional resurfacing technologies such as Pixel and Palomar's Lux 1540 Fractional so make sure you do some research.


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