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This is my experience with ACNE and coming to terms with what I believe to be true about it.

Ok new to the boards, I have been skimming over these boards and many others.

I too suffer from acne and have been suffering for over 15years of my life now!

I have used a lot of products in my time and wondered why some stop working and some keep working.

Things I have used:

A product given by the GP about 12years ago that made my face go yellow, it was a liquid in a plastic bottle.

Did not work.

Antibiotics, oral. Did nothing at all.

Benzyl peroxide, when I first used this it was the only thing that used to clear my face. But over time the effect I find diminished. It still works but never as good as when it was first used. If I stop using it, back comes the spots, I still use this now and an antibacterial face wash.

Benzymycin Gel, a combination of erythromycin and benzyl peroxide, this was used later on in my life and completely removed acne from my face.

The only time I have ever been 100% clear was with this product.

I would recommend anyone to use it.

But…. The effect of this product diminished over time just like the rest and I assume my acne got resistant to it.

Been on and off Benzyl peroxide and benzymycin for long periods, of over a few months I find if you go back to these products they work almost as good as when first used, for me anyway.

I also use a face wash and now wash 1 a day with Clearasil from biactol (I found biactol before clearsil bought them out! to be very good as a face wash). I have always used a face wash and cant say if they help of not, but it seems the application of the two main ingredients from benzymycin and the peroxide only! really shows improvement.

The thing is I notice when ever I am clear or clearer my diet gets really bad, I believe the BS about diet not effecting ACNE, but now I am totally unsure.

My spots always get worse after a heavy weekend.

Eating fish and chips followed with sweets always results in a break out at some stage.

On the benzymicin Gel I could eat anything and I mean anything and I did, I ate anything.

But even that cream stopped working in the end.

I am a slim guy.

Now after a recent breakout of acne, I am determined to find a cure for this!

I have always through-out my life (with this affliction) changed my diet more and more or in a re-phrase improved on my diet.

And in that noticed an improvement, in line with any medication.

I know if I go near junk it will result in some form of spot.

Also I know 100% if I eat a pasty (I have no idea why pastries i.e sausage rolls, Cornish pasties e.t.c) will bring me out in a whopping great cyst!

I have actually tested the theory and a cyst always! from after eating a pasty.

I think there is a positive connection with diet and acne.

Even when the creams are not working, if I simply drink more water and try to eat healthier I see an improvement.

But on the contrary if I eat rubbish, no amount of cream seems to help these days.

Anyway I am starting a new regime.

Benzymicin Gel is no longer supplied in the UK, or there is a shortage for about 6months.

So I have purchased some eryacne (erythromycin 4% cream) from mail order from America and I am going to combine this with panoxl No5, 5% benzyl peroxide, to effectively make my own benzymicin gel.

Now I am starting to believe there is a link towards high suger foods and fattie foods and our bodies are unable to break it down, like most other people can.

So I am also going on a stricter diet of:

No crisps at all.

No soda’s

If any junk food, this is going to be at a moderation, i.e a slice of pizza.

No chips no fried products at all.

Eating more veg, more fruit and drinking more water.

I always did the above but got very lax almost all the time, especially when I saw improvement.

Also going to take

Vitamin B5 to help the body break down the fatty junk in my system, 2.5g a day.

Cod liver oil with Vit’ A, two tablets a day.

Omega 3 oil supplement 1 tablet a day.

Antioxident tablet, 1 a day.

And Apple cider Viniger 1 tablet supplement a day.

I am going to follow this routine till I am clear.

So that’s two forms of application.

Better internal working to get rid of poisons which I know have a factor in acne creation.

I will post my finding and my results in time.


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benzaclin (5% BP, 1% clindamycin) might be good for you, but the bacteria can gain a resistance to the clindamycin over time too, however it's impossible for bacteria to gain a resistance againts BP

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benzaclin (5% BP, 1% clindamycin) might be good for you, but the bacteria can gain a resistance to the clindamycin over time too, however it's impossible for bacteria to gain a resistance againts BP

Thanks for the replies:

Going to edit my first post, I had to make it fast as I was at work.

Ok so far:

Over the weekend I grew, what you could call a designer stubble look :D.

I grow hair fast on my face, so I use that to hide acne marks, spots and red blemishes from me picking acne.

Ok I have combated this thing now for over 15years with varying results.

I have also taken acnezine, (recently) 3 bottles worth which cost me a fortune, it did nothing at all.

Ok So I shaved on Sunday knowing I would have grown some spots under the stubble I had.

Low and behold it was worse then I imagined, my upper lip was covered in small white-heads, not pretty.

My chin was breaking out in white-heads and semi large spots that where feeling sore after the shave.

You can imagine I did not want to go to work on the Monday :(

So I made an effort to get rid of this break out and try to limit the red scars I have due to random spots I get all the time.

Coming across this board I saw the use of B5 vitamin and it made sense, it made me reflect on the break outs I had.

They usually come after a heavy weekend, which equals junk food, or after a diet of rubbish, which consists of crisps, fish and chips and soft drinks, cokes e.t.c

But I always fall into the trap of, when my acne is clearer I always seem to go for the junk again, then the cycle repeats itself.

Ok so Monday, I went out and bought:

1 tub of b5 vitamins, 500mg capsules and took 6 of them which equals 3grams

I bought cod liver oil with added vitamin A and took 2 of them which equals 200% RDA.

I bought a moisturiser that helps control sebum, with added vitamin A.

This is on-top of my usual routine of benzyl peroxide and a face wash, antibacterial.

(before the break out I stopped using the benzyl peroxide for about 5 days, thinking I may have grown out of my acne).

I think this contributed to the break out I had.

Ok it is now Thursday.

All I have left are little red marks, where the spots where around my mouth. I have covered this up with a growth of stubble, but since I have to wear a shirt and tie for work, stubble is not practical and looks scruffy.

My chin is clear and so is my top lip, all that is left are the red marks which I know takes about 4 days to two weeks to go completely.

I have 1 spot on the side of my nose.

1 spot under my chin and this is about it.

My face feels fresher.

Ok my diet over these 3 days.

I have ingested no caffeine at all, instead I have drunk only water and the occasional cup of green tea and camomile tea, no caffeine.

I have had for breakfast, 1 apple and 1 banana, totally cutting out junk from cereal, it is surprising how filling an apple and banana is actually.

I have had sandwiches for lunch and a my tea was just a normal affair, but staying away from oils and junk (suger’s e.t.c). (this includes no MSG products full stop, no products with hydrogenized fats or oils).

The B5 vitamins: I took 6 the first day, 3 the other day now I am taking 2 only, that’s 1g since I cant stand the size of them and they taste like chalk.

I wash my face only once an evening, I found this out years ago too much washing for me broke me out.

I wash only once before I go to bed, I apply Benzyl peroxide, when my spots have dried and none are leaking rubbish, to avoid spreading the bacteria or the gunk from the zit. Once the benzyl peroxide is applied I then apply the moisturizer.

I then go to bed.

I know when I touch my face it results in spots, I have a nasty habit of picking my hair, the places near my hair line that I pick, come out in spots if I don’t force my self to stop picking. So I know touching my face creates spots, I put this down to all the gunk your fingers pick up and then it is applied to the face, helping the zit causing acne to work its stuff.

Ok so I do a bizarre thing, I wear a sock on each hand, this may seem stupid to some, but when I go to bed, I don’t know if I am scratching my face due to the spots itching in the night, so to stop the spread of bacteria from my fingers I wear a clean sock on each hand and go-to sleep.

This has helped me, as I find now, I wake up in the morning with out any new zits forming, where by in the past my spots always, always came in the night.

Just an small edit:

Ok I have combated acne for over 15years, my success as only started to come over the last 6years and it is always with the use of a better controlled diet and facial regime.

I also use a cover up stick (yes I am a guy), called witch hassle cover up stick neutral. This helps to cover blemishes, I think it hides them well, I only use it on a spot, through the day or when I go out clubbing e.t.c.

I think the cover up stuff would be see-able in bright lights, but in clubs or even at work or in the grey days of English weather, I don’t think people can see it. And tbh about it I would rather people see I am making an effort to hide this ugly affliction then not at all, if one does see I am wearing some form of make-up.

Also the post about the benzyl peroxide.

About not loosing its effect on the acne bacteria, I know in the past it has had different results, at first is was amazing, but then it got to, just average. Maybe it was due to my diet shifting when i saw better results from the creams? It is a possibility.

A bit about water:

Water is essential to any control of acne, I cant stress this enough, drink loads of water, but ideally not tap water as it contains other ingredients that I think don’t help. As pure a water as you can buy cheap and drink it.

You need to drink water till your waste is clear and not yellow.

Yellow means your body is full of toxins and it needs to be flushed, water can do this, you need to drink just water for a good few days and keep at it.

You know when you are on the right track when your wee is clear and I mean clear.

I will post updates, when I get my other vitamin pills and my eryacne cream.

Hopefully I can combat this thing and reduce breakouts to almost none, when that is done I will slowly limit my medication but stick to a better diet as I think, well I know regardless of what as been drilled to you from corporations or people who benefit from the acne trade, diet as a major role in our spots, please understand.

I Hate acne it as messed up my life more then I want to think about, I could be bigger then what I am, my relationships would have been more successful and I would not have missed a lot of opportunities due to this affliction. It is time to get

rid of it for good.

Ok I will update more when I can, I am going to edit my first post.

Side note, benzyl peroixide dries your face, but it only makes one peel where spots are so make sure to apply a libral amount of moistorizer or you will end up going through the day with your face looking all crusty. I combat the crusty look by using a the rough edge of a clean sock and scrape away the dead skin, it helps alot.

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