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The more you peel, the more red marks will fade?

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Okay, so I use BP (panoxyl) to stop getting spots, and it works great, I'm pretty much 100% clear apart from a few blackheads. But the trouble is I have really quite bad red marks.........

Sometimes I peel from using the BP too much, and I was wondering if this will have the same effect as say, a glycolic acid peel, because there are layers of dead skin coming off. Will this help fade the red marks I have? I'm not going to stop using the BP because it keeps my skin so clear.


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Guest concerto

BP DEFINITELY slows down the rate your red marks heal. I no longer use it.

Anyway, DO NOT manually exfoliate, especially if you still breakout from time to time. You will end up with darker red marks and more zits. I really like mild glycolic and salicylic acids.

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Guest txsoccergirl1976

Hello all. I purchased the Cosmelan Depigmentation Pack which I applied at home. I am absolutely amazed with the results.... It has been 29 day since I used the mask. I continue to us the Cosmelan 2 daily. My dark marks are 97% gone and my acne is too!! I am totally confident that they will be 100% gone soon. This product only cost me 375.00 for the complete pack/kit, but is is worth so so much more. I have tried so many things and am so relieved to have finally for the magic cure for those ugly marks that have been on my face for so long. I feel as though I have a brand new face. My family is totally amazed. My husband is treating me like a brand new wife, and we have been married for 6 years.

Oh yeah.

I bought the Depigmentation treatment at the following site and they sell the Cosmelan 2 maintainence cream for 140.00. Saw it on ebay too.

www buycosmelan com

I paid using Paypal and recieved my package in 4 days.

Signing off-to go and stare at myself in the mirror. LOL.


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