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well, to start off i've been on the regimen for about two weeks now, and i'm better than before, but i'm not "clean and clear, and under control." there's a girl at school who i want to ask out and i just get really nervous thinking about it. you see, i've never like gone on a date with anyone so that makes it hard enough, in addition to my, well i guess it's more of OUR condition. i've known her and she's known me for more than four years, but we don't really talk to each other. normally i'm fine with myself and don't really care what other people think( i never had the phase where i was embarassed to be with my mommy in public ;), but i'm horribly shy when i try to talk with her. this is the only time i've said anything about it, except to one of my close girl friends, but she just thinks i'm silly because on the outside i'm just a joker and hardly ever serious. except when it's inappropriate to be making jokes etc. the truth is that i'm really nervous i just never show it. man, i ramble like a drunken bear.

i guess i don't even know if i have a question. maybe i'm just looking for advice. whatever you have to offer would be great.

The DR X

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Hi hun. You have to remember that you're your worst critic -- the way you see yourself is most likely worse than how other people see you. I think you should just go for it; as hard as it sounds, you should take the bull by the horns and just ask her. I, for one, appreciate people being upfront with me, so to ask "hey, would you like to go out and see a movie with me on saturday?" is fine.

If you need to start talking to her more in order to become more comfortable, then do that first. What's the worst that could happen? She could say no, and life would go on.

Good luck, m'dear. <3

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is a movie that good for a first date? i've heard that it isn't, but i hear a lot of weird things too...

what should i ask her to go to or do?

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I never had the problem with asking a girl out...

Its cause, they would always ask me out :D

But for some odd reason, now that I have acne, no gurl has approached me in a long time :( funny how that happens.

One of the first dates I had with a girl was going skating on the canal. (If where you live gets cold and theres a nice river to go skating on, that would be really cool, i liked it)

Other good dates that I find are good, is just going to see special events that occur in your city. Like a tulip festival, or anything that has a variety of things you can do, but allows you to TALK also.

In a movie, your not going really going to have the chance to talk all that much. Then theres always the question....do i put my arm around her? or not? :P

Actually now that i think of it, there was this one time that I asked out a gurl.

I just said once when we were alone "i really like you". And what do you know, she said "i really like you too" and everything worked out just fine.

If she didnt like me she woulda probably said something like "hmmm, eric I dont really feel the same way about you" and I woulda just been like "oh... ok then we can still be friends right" and shed say "yah for sure" and everything would be exactly the same as before. :D

good luck

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