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I just saw my dermatologist again.

I told her I was on this regimine of BP and I wash with Salysilic acid wash (2%) and my skin has been fairly clear.

Earlier she had prescribe Retin-A cream to me, and I decided not to use it. Apparently, she says Retin-A clears the pores by making them bigger and may reduce the appearance of scars and red marks.

I've been ignoring her advice because my current regimine has been working so well. What do you guys think?

Personally, I'm getting sick of my dermatologist. All she has done is prescribe drugs to me. I've been on 3 different treatments of Accutane. They kept me clear, but afterwards....nothing! I don't get very good advice. I believe I get better advice, and more information here than my dermatologist. I went and saw the Aesthician too, and all she did was recommend harsh chemicals, and a salysilic acid peel.

Is this the normal thing most people go through at the Dermatologists???

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let me ask you a question. do you think dermatologists really care if you are clear or not? if you are clear, they lose business. that's why people come to dermatologists, to get prescriptions.. if the dermatologist just said just use BP and SA and you'll be fine.. would anyone keep going? nope.

if it ain't broke, don't fix it. if your current regimen is doing good, why risk doing something else?

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True! They also make money off the prescriptions AFAIK. I think they get kick backs when you fill that prescription for $100.

I went to a general practition doctor and she gave me doxycycline and said taht Retin-A was way too expensive and doesn't really do much more than what OTC products do. The doxycycline has really helped along with using a regimen of OTC products.

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They're not schemers it's just they're trained to push pills as the sole treatment and will stay paid whether you get better or not.

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