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The Regimen and Me

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It's been quite a while since I lasted posted but I am doing so now to thank Dan because I am cleared because of him.

I originally was addicted to the notion of how the food I ate affected my acne. I went on an elimination diet with varying results. Ultimately though, I decided I do not want to give up so many basic food stuff.

So anyway, what has worked for me (mild whitehead acne) is this:

1. Use Purpose bar morning and night.

2. 3 small pea size of 2.5% acne spread around chin area.

3. Daily multi-purpose vitamin (I forget some days to do this).

4. Use rice paper sheet to absorb oil from nose a couple of times at night. (It's amazing how much oil appears on my nose and I never really noticed this beofre!)

I do not use moisterizer as I do not use not that much bp. What I got from Dan is use of Purpose bar, and the notion that using 2.5% bp every day is ok. I used to use the 10% bp and dab the acne after the fact. Due to this site, I now spread out the 2.5 bp BEFORE the fact, every day.

I eat chocolate, doritos etc on occasion and my face has never been cleaner. Even my good friend noticed this after not seeing my for a couple of months. He said, 'This is the cleanest I have seen you since the 10 years I have known you.' So I am not imagining things.

Anyway, thanks to Dan and everyone for their postings etc. I feel MUCH better now, and in fact, I believe this even helped me get a job as I was never offered one while I had the acne.

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