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Hi all,

This may only apply to UK people - I'm not sure.

I was using Dove's standard Cream Bar and I was happy with the results. Very happy. Along with ample BP, it seemed to keep me very clear and feeling good.

But my partner, after shopping, brought home Dove "Beauty Bar". After checking in Sainsburys today, I couldn't see the standard Cream Bar -- just the Beauty Bar again. But Dove's official website still displays the Cream Bar and has no beauty bar there at all.

My questions are:

(1) Is this an anomoly? Should I go to a different store? Have you seen this "Beauty Bar"? Is it replacing the Cream Bar or...?

(2) Looking at the difference in ingredients (see following website for details of Cream Bar... and I can provide list of ingredients from "Beauty Bar" packet), can anyone advise as to the possible effect of this? My only concern is that the soap seems a lot more scented than the Cream Bar. That was pretty neutral. This Beauty Bar has a distinct "nice" (Body Shop type" smell to it.

Thanks for any help. I was just getting it under control and life was good and I don't want it to all be for nothing. :confused:

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I'm in America, so I don't know about the cream bar- we have the beauty bar.

However, I've been using Dove for a few years, and every time I got off of it, I break out more.

I heard about it from all these kids who had gone to derms mostly as "preventative" measures in high school, and every time, the derms just told them to use Dove... and they all DID have good skin.

Eventually I heard the same advice from a college friend, started using Dove and never went back. Yes, bars supposedly have irritating ingredients. However, I've always had better luck with the Dove bar than any liquid cleaner I've used.

Hope that relieves you a little :)

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I went to a Dermatologist once during high school and he recommended I use Dove soap or Cetaphil because they're both gentle - he had prescribed two different topical meds but they didnt really work that well and I didnt want to bother going back but I've tried everything out there - even the BP and was still tired of week after week of acne so now I'm trying Dove bar soap in hopes it'll clear up my skin - I don't want to be addicted to BP all my life.

For anyone who uses Dove - do you use any topical medication like the BP suggested for the Clear Skin Regimen? Or is it just the soap and then moisturizing?

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Guest molly_jean_comments

You know what; they have dove soap for sensitive skin in liquid form; its the best cleanser Ive used

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