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Popping Spots On Accutane...

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Been on Accutane for 2 months now. I'm still getting pimples (from what i've read it's perfectly normal??!?).

..Problem is, when i try i pop a spot i end up pushing off the skin around the spot, causing a cut!, it does it all the time. Does anyone else experience that? i can't pop the sods without getting a cut which looks 10x worse.

I have it set in my mind that the stuff in the pimple needs to come out for it to heal, so i NEED to pop them. So i'm asking. If i had a pimple that hurt like hell & does contain yellow puss, that if i just left it would it pop on it's on / disappear? Or does the contents need to be removed for healing to take place???

PS: Does anyone have any good ways of popping spots while on accutane that doesn't push off the skin around it?

Thanks & please give me feedback! :'(

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You don't need to pop a pimple for it to heal. Not a good idea, especially on Accutane. Could cause a scar. As for the cuts that are there maybe a little neosporin would help them heal.

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so... if i had a pimple & didn't attempt to pop it or touch it at all, it would heal itself?

if you don't pop the pimple & it heals on it's own, does that stop you having a blemish / red mark?

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noticed the same... I can pop the smallest zitz and i'll end up with a scab

but I still think it's worth popping the whiteheads cuz otherwise they will take longer to heal and also because they look a lot grosser

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