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The B-5 Regiman (yay?)

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Well I started using B-5 (Pantothenic Acid).

Yes, I will use other things. I will explain later. I am using 250 mg of GNC Pantothenic Acid pills (they are kidna big :().

Anyway my day will be..

Part 1: (8:30)

Eat Breakfast

Take Certagen Multivitamin (already has 10 mg of B-5)

Take 250 mg GNC B-5

Clean & Clear Continious Control Daily Acne Cleanser (10%, leave on for 10 minutes and wash off)

10 minutes Later Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 15 AHA (Switching to Eucerin once the darn bottle is done).

Part 2:

Get home from school at 5:30 and use one oxy pad if face is oily and heavy.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 15 AHA 10 minutes later.

Part 3: Midnight!

Continious Control Daily Acne Cleanser and leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off.

Sleep! I don't think I will use Lotion at night.

We'll see!

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Posting every week would be great!

May I recommend a more "proven" regimen (quite a difference though):

- skip the Clean & Clear. It may work for the moment, but in the long term it's not doing much good. If you feel more confident using it, you can go on with it, but really it doesn't do much.

- try to get B5 powder, or crush some pills (expensive!). You can apply a layer of B5 power mixed with a little water or a neutral water-based non-comedogenic cream to your face about 4 times a day (this could be a trouble). This will improve and speed up the process as B5 is quickly absorbed by your skin. Leave it on for at least 15 mins. With a little practise you'll be able to find a way to apply it and keep it on without anyone noticing it's there.

- skip the oxy pads. Just get a piece of toilet paper and pad your face clean of oil if it's looking annoying. dont use cosmetics. put on the b5 on your face instead.

- skip the daily acne cleanser, harsh on the skin.

- use more B5. I know this is scary but b5 is not dangerous. Taking 10 grams a day is not dangerous. Taking 20 grams a day is not dangerous. There have been done a lot of experiments on this (see for Pauli on the internet) and any excess B5 is simply excreted by the body. Its like, drinking a lot water: doesn't do any harm :( The main point is that a dosage of 250mg won't do much for you. With some people it might, but in general, it won't.

- take biotin supplements (not 10gram though :)). Is "believed" improve b5 effectiveness. It's not backed up by any research but it doesn't hurt to try (its no dangerous vitamin either :)).

- Zinc supplementation (50mg/day) is very beneficial.

If you get diarrhea: you should take the pills together with more food.

Well, its a big difference from your regimen, but remember: its just a suggestion..

GOod luck,


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hey dude just wanted to let you know i've heard from many people that the gnc brand of b5 does not work well!!!just a head's up.if you take pills i've heard the best brands are solgar or solaray.If you want to take a powder which is much easier and cheaper in my opinion(its the b5 that i take)for $30 a month you can get b5 pwder with optizinc from acnemiracle.com it lasts a month at 10 grams a day plus they give you free b5 topical gel! :wink: hope this helps~Leah

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Hmm I've heard teh GNC brand isn't that great, but that's what is avaliable for now.

Clean & Clear works great, I've been on it since July and I am clear.

I use Oxy Pads because they have S.A., I want to get rid fo blackheads haha.

I know that b-5 is not dangerous. It is water-soluble and any excess amounts are removed (similar to Vitamin C). However, why take more if most of it will be excreted. Besides, I am going to slowly build up (the first day I had diarrhea, and I did eat it with food. :().

Anyway, I'll post the otehr vitamin I take along with B-5. It's certagen, the genric form of Centrum Advanced Formula.

Vitamin A - 5000 IU

" C - 60 mg

" D - 400 IU

" E - 30 IU

" K - 25 mcg

Thiamin (b-1) - 1.5 mg

Riboflavin (B-2) - 1.7 mg

Niacin - 20 mg

B-6 - 2 mg

FOlate - 400mcg

B-12 - 6 mcg

Biotin - 30 mcg

B-5 - 10 mg

Ca - 162 mg

Fe - 18 mg

P - 109 mg

I - 150 mcg

Mg - 100 mg

Zn - 15mg

Se - 20mcg

Cu - 2 mg

Mn - 2 mg

Cr - 65 mcg

Mo - 160 mcg

Cl - 76 mg

K - 80 mg

B- 150 mh

Ni - 5 mcg

Silica- 10mg

Sn - 10 mg

V - 10 mcg.

Um..look up the elements if you dont know them on the periodic table! (too lazy to type!) hehe..

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So far so good, the diarrhea went away. Another thing, Neutrogena Healthy Skin has B-5 in it already. The B-5 vitamin (orally taken) is a capsule with white powder. Do you think it would be wise to open it up and mix some of it with the Neutrogena and leave it on throughout the day? Trotsky, what do you think? it would increase the effectiveness of the B-5 already in it, but adding more wouldn't hurt. AHA + B-5 + Other vitamins = healthy, clear, no red marked, skin? :(:)

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b5 as topical product works quite good....... speeds up wound healing (its used in surgery for this purpose). Vitamine E does a good job as well.

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Well I started using B-5 (Pantothenic Acid).

Yes, I will use other things. I will explain later. I am using 250 mg of GNC Pantothenic Acid pills (they are kidna big ).




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I'm thinking about upping the dosage soon. However, this week I broke out which hasn't happened for MONTHS! I had three pimples :D.

But tehy went away in two days, and no scars or indents.

Let me tell you one thing, my red scars has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. ::highlights 100 of times:: It's only to several spots! my skin is quite clear now! ;)

Only things are the WRETCHED blackheads and clogged pores :D.

I've also changed a little bit, trying to be less harsh with my skin.

(I ran out of C&C and swiched to oxy 10%, and use S. Acid in the morning, nothing int he afternoon but tissue to blot out the little oil on my face :) ).

Oil production has decreased a lot too. :)

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A note about your b5.

If it doesn't work, don't give up. I for one have also tried the GNC brand of b5. I could actually notice a decrease in the number of new pimples each week. Usually I still would get a few mild ones, and one big one once a week. But taking 20 pills a day was adding up. One bottle would last only a couple days. Soon I was a regular at the GNC. Then I decided this was not worth the cost and trouble to get this. I have been off the b5 for a week now and already am breaking out more. But I am going to order either the Solaray or Twinlab brand online. I heard this is better quality and I can get a jar of 500mg at 250 capsules per jar. Anyway, I feel confident that this b5 vitamin will work.

It's also nicer to get things shipped right to your house, so the people at GNC don't think you are a b5 addict

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