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What happened to FEMINA MALE EST ???

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Has anyone heard of this dude lately??

Just to refresh your mind, Femina Mala Est used to post here very often and if I'm not mistaken, he performed himself 2 0r 3 tca cross sessions. He had moderate scarring and severe scars on some areas. At first he was very thrilled and optimistic about it , but then (maybe this is my perception only) after the swelling and plumming went down, he didn't seem so happy. He didn't post his FINAL results. I hope everything went fine with him.

Just for the record, I highly oppose TCA for the treatment of scars. Whether it's used for full or partial peel or CROSS. I think it's way too risky for such a poor outcome. I've also noticed that some (e-bay) TCA sellers have posted on this forum advertising their products. They've conviced others to try the CROSS and other risky methods using TCA. But I'm not sure if these sellers themselves have ever tried it.

Anyways, I hope Femina Mala Est Obtained excellent results or at least it didn't cause any harmful effects. He was a serious, but cool dude. And I think he wouldn't stretch the truth about his experience.

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I think he had great results!

I don't know why you say he seemed less enthusiastic about his results after awhile. I remember the opposite that he was actually quite amazed at the improvement he got in the 8 or so months of doing the cross.

I've had 2 rounds of TCA cross by myself and am very happy with the results and also with the results of my peels. They work for me!

Last week someone told me something I never dreamed of hearing in this life - "Your skin looks like porcelain"! <insert disbelief emoticon here>

Granted, I think that woman exaggerated but the improvement is REAL and visible.

Nothing will ever change the fact that people react differently to different things and also the sad fact that people are so desperate sometimes to try things but don't bother to take the time to research and find out the RIGHT way to do things, thus jumping head first w/o measuring the depth first.

I think many problems people encounter with all these peels and self administered procedurs are because of lack of patience and research.

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