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Brad Pitt

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He had laser, but, in fight club he still looks pretty scarred especially in the scene when they are sitting on the aeroplane he has a couple of deepish ones that are very visible.

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Brad Pitt was know to have moderate to sometimes severe acne in his mid teens.

His scars have not been digitally removed, its aparent from paparazi shots and unconsented photo's that he has had treatment at one of LA's top skin clinics, where his wife goes.

There was a show tonight on sky one remix (uk/930) which did a profile on brad and jens life, it showed a picture of brad in his high school yearbook with numerous clearly noticable pimples

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He's done something. Someone said Restylane on Voy but whether this is true or not i don't know. Fight club was 4-5 years ago. I think his scarring looked the worse in Interview with a Vampire, Seven and The Devils own.

I don't think Brad Pitt started suffering from scarring or bad acne until his early-mid 20's. He was a model and did commercials and stuff in his late teens and the few that i saw him in he had flawless skin.

I believe he suffered like many of us here from Adult acne which scars worse than teen acne because the healing rate of our skin slows down and it is less likely to repair the damage.

I don't think that photoshop theory is valid. Sure they touch up photos but that is in those glossy mags for advertising etc, not the casual gossip mags - they seem to go out of their way to show the unattractive side of celebs.

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