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Guest adele morgan

anyone here have acne dysmorphia?

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Guest adele morgan

Hi everyone. I think I am suffering from acne dysmorphia and was wondering if anyone else is or has, and whether or not you have been treated for this.

A little background information about me: When I went off the birth control pill last December or January, I developed adult acne at age 27. I took tetracycline and differin, which cleared me up. But after stopping these treatments, my acne became worse. In addition to pimples, my skin was VERY oily, and the pores on my cheeks started to get bigger and bigger. Literally, every week they looked bigger to me. It was getting out of control. I did 2 chemical peels with my derm, but I think it actually got worse from it.

Finally, my derm put me on Accutane to stop the breakouts and control the oil. I'm almost done my third month now, but last month, the pores on my forehead enlarged too. I've never had enlarged pores there - EVER. Of course I started to panic, and thought, isn't Accutane supposed to stop this? Why does this keep happening to me?

Right now, the ones on my cheeks look a bit better, but my forehead looks worse and worse everyday. I fear it will get as bad as my cheeks are now.

This problem has caused me severe depression. As a result, I've lost more than 15 pounds because I have no appetite due to nerves, I am constantly looking at myself in the mirror, when I feel it looks worse I have panic attacks, I cry every day, I don't want to leave my house, I am taking anti-depressants, and I dread social funtions that I used to love. This has caused stress on my marriage (I am a newlywed!) as well as on my friends and family. I am scheduled to see a therapist soon.

Every day is literally a struggle for me. Before I go to bed, I think "Wheww.. I got through another day." I don't want to live like this anymore, but I can't deal with the changes in my skin. Now, I am terrified of what it will look like once my Accutane course is over.

This may sound strange (as if the rest of this post doesn't, right?) but at night in bed, I envision the pores on my face shrinking until they are no longer visible. It's as though I think that by doing this, maybe, by some miracle, it will really happen, and I will have my life back again.

I'm so sorry if this post offends anyone, particularly those who are dealing with severe acne or scarring. But, this is a skin condition for me that I cannot handle.

For anyone who has read this whole thing, thank you!

I'd love to hear from people who are or have been in a similar situation!

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I know what you mean. I envision the same sort of things when I'm in bed too. When I wake up in the morning I walk over to the mirror and hope that maybe a miracle happened and my face is suddenly clear. It's so devastating sometimes when you think about the life you had before acne, and how you took it for granted then.

I was pretty depressed recently too. I am 27 and never had acne up until a few months ago. It was literally an overnight thing and I was crushed. The first couple of months I cried every single day and would break down at work several times a day. I had just gotten out of a marriage and had started dating this great guy with BEAUTIFUL skin (of course) so the timing was terrible as always. But lately I've learned to accept it a little and I've been trying VERY hard to keep my head up and to tell you the truth it has really helped. Not only with my overall well-being but with my acne as well.

I know sometimes you feel helpless and it seems completely unfair, but I can't stress to you enough how important it is that you tell yourself you'll get past it. Stress will only make your acne worse, among other things....We all have the strength in us to get through this, and we'll be better people for it in the end.

Good luck and take care.

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Being concerned and taking action is normal. When I would literally think about my skin for hours a day, put makeup on for hours, try to pry things out of my face constantly and think everyone is just looking at my skin...that was acne dysmorphia. I hope no one else here has gotten to this point like me :wacko:

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Yes my life is shit. Cant stop thinking about acne. People treat me like shit everywhere I go. I Used to try to have a positive outlook on life and try to ignore the bad shit that happens to me on a daily basis. But I cant anymore. Its to overwhelming. Literally everyone stares at me, laughs when ever i pass or am around there vicinity. It pisses me off but theres nothing I can do about it. Its the world vs me. Im outnumbered.

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Hi Adele

Sorry you are suffering so much. I think that many people here understand exactly what you are talking about, I certainly do. I completed an Accutane course about a month ago and, whilst my skin isn't perfect - I've accumulated a few scars over the years, I have been happy with the results and that has made feel much happier. Hopefully you will experience the same thing once you are done with your course. BTW - I am not sure you are suffering from acne dysmorphia. I believe that the condition relates to people who have very minor acne, but nevertheless consider they are hideous etc. It seems like you have/had acne severe enough to warrant Accutane, so I think what you are experiencing is what many of us do.

Good luck!

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I've always been reading this forum, but never actually replied before. This one caught my attention, and altough I've done tons of research on acne (normal acne), I never actually looked at "acne dysmorphia", I thought it was some kind of weird acne strand...

WAKE UP CALL!! I read the part about Acne dysmorphia on this site and I was stunned. Literally got shivers down my spine. Everything about it reflects on me.

I have got stuck in this loop of literally stabbing my self in the back, or should I say face. When I see the slightest sign of a pimple on my face I destroy it completly and instead of it going away in days, it takes weeks. Afterwards I always feel guilty and hate myself for what I have done, but I just can't leave my face alone. At times I have done so much damage to my face it looks like a cat with a grudge went on a frenzy on my face. The worse part of all is I know I shouldn't pick at it, but tell that to me when I'm irritated / angry / depressed or whatever.

I'm 19 now, I got acne in Grade 10. I just finished my first year at university. I've been hating my life for the past 4 years now, I've lost countless friends, They call me "The Shadow" in my residence. People just stopped inviting me, because I never go to nothing. I almost plucked first year, university, because I started skipping classes during prone acne weeks. I have tried countless acne products with no results. Oh yes and I'm one of those 3% allergic to BP... My parents don't want to get me Accutane, becuase they think it's bad for my health (I have cried before them in attempt to convince them). They think I'm going to mess up my life if I take those "death pills" ... *sigh*

If people utter the words - "This is supposed to be the best time of your life", I feel like I want to die.

Bottomline - I only live to see the day my skin is clear.

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I'm almost certain that i have acne dysmorphia. i have like all the symptoms!

Every day is a struggle for me and my life seems to revolve around my skin which leaves me feeling depressed a lot! I know how ur feeling! :comfort:

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I don't even have acne anymore, and yet I still have the same physcological symptoms of acne dysmorphia as when I had acne. I still NEVER can look in mirrors, i hate when people look at my face from close p and bright lights.

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I've had it before, didn't know I did though, but all the symptoms I've read here, I had almost all of them. Now it's getting better, and I'm in a boarding school anyway, so it's impossible to really be alone lol.

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