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Sea Of Booze

The First Day of The Rest of My Life.

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Day 130 : Month 4, Week 3 (Week 19)

Skin: 2 tiny ones

Side Effects: Chapped lips is pretty much it

Okay so yesterday was officially my first day taking 80mg a day. Don't feel any difference yet though. Having said that, I don't think theres much to update about. My face is starting to slow down again (if that makes any sense).. hopefully for good this time. But than again; I probably just jinxed myself lol. :doh:

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Day 135: Month 4, Week 4 (Week 20)

Skin: 2 small bumps on my left cheek and temple

Side Effects: chapped lips. bloodyish nose

My face is def getting better... that's good. One little breakout since the last update so my face is looking pretty clear actually. Scarring sucks but hey what can you do? Fraxel soon enough.

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Day 143 : Month 5, Week 1 (Week 21)

Skin: Clearing up nicely :D

Side Effects: Chapped Lips

Yesssssssss. Breakout free for the last 2 weeks.. Really hope it sticks this time... I do get the feeling that things are going to slow down [or stop] from this point on. I feel one LITTLE bump coming up on my forehead... that doesn't scare me though. So now that my face is finally clear I can get a good picture of what my skin underneath really looks like and to no surprise it's just as I figured. Scars & red marks. My complexion is really bad too. My face is pretty red because of the stupid tane burn. oh && the clogged pores don't help at all either. Someone help me in that department! I'm clueless!!!

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Day 181 : Month 6, Week 2 (Week 27)

Skin: :D Clearrrrr

Side Effects: Chapped lips..

!!!! YAY! I'm clear!! My face does not have one zit on it!!! It's been a few weeks since I've last broken out and I love it! Over the last 2 months I've probably only had about 3 pimples! It makes life so much easier.. BUTTTT I have mad red marks and scarring. At my last doctor's appointment (April 12th) he told me this is my last month on tane.. I actually only have about 2 weeks left of pills. Fine with me. It's done its job.. I just hope I don't relapse. Keepin the fingers crossed. Well anyways, before I left the office he suggested I come back in 7 months to start talking Fraxel. DEF doing that. That means it's gonna be sometime around Jan/Feb 08. I already wanna get it LOL i'm so impatient. I CANT WAIT! Anyways that's about it... Just wanted to get an update in.. It has already been a while, over a month. I'll keep updating every now and than.



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