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Hi all.

Well right now i'm using the C&C cleansers that Bochla has recommended. I haven't seen much improvement but i've only been using the products for 5 days now. Anyway, i'm also on the following vitamins and was wondering if it's dangerous to be taking these?

Vitamin A 10,000IU

(2) per day - Vitamin A (from fish liver oil) 10,000IU 200%

Zinc 50

(2) per day - Zinc (from Citrate Chelate) 50mg 333%

(1) per day -Centrum multi-vitamin

(2) per day -Echanacia

A gallon or more of water & lemon juice.

I probably drink 1 lemon's worth of juice per day. Is this too much?

I was thinking about boosting Vitamin A and Zinc up to 4 a day. Is this dangerous? What dosage would you recommend for me? Are there any other helpful vitamins (excluding B5)?


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for vitamin A, the max recommended is 25,000 IU a day.

for zinc do not go above 100mg. the form you should be taking is optizinc or l-optizinc. this form is much more easily absorbed by the body (by as much as 10x or something?).. also it does not deplete copper levels like other forms of zinc will. if you can't take optizinc, zinc citrate is probably the second best kind. zinc oxide will do nothing.

if you take optizinc, i would recommend 30mg a day or so. for citrate which you have, i would say 50mg would be good. maybe 100mg if you can handle it. if you are getting too much zinc your body will react with nausea.. so if you start feeling really sick and don't know why, cut back on your zinc.

centrum vitamins do almost nothing since there's so many glues and fillers in them, they hardly dissolve in your system.

by the way, remember that you're getting what's in the multivitamin + what you're taking extra.. common zinc dosage in a multivitamin is 15mg. so you are taking 115mg a day. that might be pushing it.. if you take too much it can lose effectiveness, or even cause problems with your immune system.

- Too much zinc (over time) can actually backfire, suppressing immunity. Regular ingestion of more than 50 mg of zinc can also cause interference with the absorption of other nutrients, causing secondary deficiencies. Copper is one such mineral whose absorption is depressed with too much zinc. Although zinc has a low toxicity for humans, The National Academy of Science actually warns against zinc supplements of more than 15 mg daily without medical 

- I read a case of someone taking excessive dosages of zinc for a period of months and developing an immune system problem, which went away within weeks of discontinuing. 

- Too much zinc suppresses the immune system.

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Hi bochla, thanks for replying.

Do you know how much lemon juice I should be drinking per day? Right now i'm on 1 lemon per day, too much? too little?

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not sure about the whole lemon juice thing.. not sure what that's supposed to do? more vitamin C or something? maybe you can tell me.

also another vitamin that is "supposed" to help with acne is selenium. if it actually does anything, who even knows.. but that's what they say.

just remember, going too overboard with chemicals (even vitamins) can cause negative reactions in the body and can sometimes exacerbate the problems you're trying to solve. your body will eliminate toxins out of the skin if it cannot get rid of it through normal means.

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Yeah, lemon juice is supposively a really good source of vitamin C. I don't really know what i'm talking about, but I think it absorbs the best (because it is a food) and gets rid of free radicals in the body. I've heard from serveral people on clearskin.net that it helped them ALOT. Anyway, selenium? do you know what that does?

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Selenium & Acne

Selenium is a trace element that has received a lot of attention in the health press in recent years, primarily due to its clear connection in the prevention of cancer. However, research has shown that selenium coupled with vitamins A & E can within 12 weeks reduce the severity of persistent acne and help alleviate resultant scarring.

Zinc & Acne

Zinc is known to help acne sufferers. Whilst the mechanism by which it works is still not fully understood, a lack of zinc has been shown to increase the production of male hormones. There have been several reports of patients who were 'cured' of longstanding acne (one for over 12 years) which were 'cured' with a low fat diet coupled with zinc gluconate supplements. In a controlled study, zinc was shown to have \"dramatic improvement\" in approximately 60% of acne sufferers.

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Wow, thanks Botchla. I really appreciate the time you take to look up these things for me.

One more question...

I'm currently using an electrin (norelco) razor. It's the one with the three circles:



haha, anyway...should I stick to using this razor, or is there some type of razor for "acne patients?"

Thanks again!!!

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