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TCA cross method can be applied to ACCUTANE TAKERS

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I QUOTED THIS FROM CHRISSY. I am sorry for posting his or her message here without consent , but this is VERY HELPFUL TO ALL ACCUTANE TAKERS as well as POST ACCUTANE TAKERS , so i decided to post it here NOW as to inform everyone likes me who thinks nth should be done post accutane treatment for at least 6 months . Thank you !

Hi, I thought it might be easier to start a separate thread for post-Accutane scar treatment considerations. Here's everything that I've read on the topic, here and elsewhere:

- dermatologists say you can expect most of your scars to improve by 50% in the year after you get them. of course, if you got the scars awhile ago, don't count on it....

Almost every major treatment is off-limits for six months (risky) to a year (better) after finishing with Accutane. Possible exceptions:

- TCA CROSS method: the authors of the Dermatologic Surgery November 2002 treated 2 ppl who'd finished Accutane 3 months prior, with no problems. Tentatively, they say it's safe for post-Accutane ppl., since the treatment is so localized there's not a danger of inducing hypertrophic/keloid scar formation.

- Isolagen. But isn't this what you want to do last, rather than having it dermabrasion-ed off later on?

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