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I'm too scared to go on Retin-A...

Hello! I'm in my senior year of HS, and quite frankly, as a girl it's HORRIBLE having sandpaper-like skin... it doesn't look like I have that much acne from a few feet away, but in bright lighting it looks akin to sandpaper :/ Worse part is, I can't even cover it up with makeup! They are REALLY little closed comedones I've come to discover from browsing the website... but I'm not sure if I should go on Retin-A or not (I have the cream, I think?)

I have my first derm appointment Dec 20th, but I also have my mother's Retin-A prescription... should I start trying it out now (but I fear for the IB! especially if it's during the holidays...) or wait for my derm appointment to see what he says? My skin is OKAY, it's just the closed comodones that irritate me, plus the occasional hard pustle here and there...

:wacko: what to do...

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Retin A would probably be OK to start, start off just using a tiny bit a few times a week at night,and then try using it every other night, my derm told me this but of course i didn't listen and ended up with red peelly skin. use only a tiny pea sized amount on your face and make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply it (unless it's RAM) you should wait about 20 mins after washing your face. you can use moisturizer right over top of the retin a. if you do get an IB it will only last a shot while, by the third moth my skin was much smoother and clearer.

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I've had good results from Retin-A, but don't use your mother's prescription. You're not supposed to use someone else's prescription or medication. Just wait the two weeks or so until your appointment. It will go a lot faster than yo think.

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